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Crazy Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Crazy Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair 2023, Aren’t you bored of the same classic and old-fashioned colors on your hair? Set your sail for new horizons because it’s time to try something new. The crazy hair colors are not just for the ones with long hair. These colors look better on short haircuts. The vibrancy of the colors goes well together with the youth energy of short hair. Don’t worry if you cannot decide on the color you want. We are here to be your guide through this journey. Check out the crazy hair color ideas for short hair 2023 and chose the one for you!

Sunset Ombre

Everyone loves sunsets. Can you even imagine walking around with sunset on you? Yes, it is crazy but true. Sunset ombre is just for you. However, having it not that easy. You have to bleach your hair at first even you are blonde. Then you will need some dyes which are dark purple, light purple, pink, orange, and yellow (optional). You should follow this certain order from roots to ends. You should soften transitions with a comb. In the end, you’ll fall in love with your hair. It worth the work!

Lavender Garden

Don’t you want to move your fingers in the lavender garden every day? Then, why don’t you try the lavender color? Lavender short hair is very popular recently. It looks so good especially if you have green or blue eyes. However, either way, it is just perfect. You should bleach your hair to the 10 before you dye it. Also, you should have one purple toner to keep that cool tone of lavender. You will be a princess but make it the coolest.

Go Green

Green hair for short hair is very good and one of the coolest color choices. However, you should be careful about the tone when you go green. Phosphorous greens or very vibrant light greens can be a little useless and extra. Emerald and forest green are the most preferable and charming colors. Also, you don’t need too much bleach for these colors. Sometimes bleaching to 7 could be enough. If you have blond hair it is an extra chance. Let’s try it and see!

Gray for Slay

If you think gray is for the old ones, you are very wrong. Gray is one of the most popular hair colors for short hair for 3-4 years. It looks so good with every age and every skin tone. You just have to find the perfect shade of gray that goes well with you. For dying gray hair, the hair should be bleach to 10. Otherwise, the dye would drain. Don’t forget to use the purple shampoo once a week to keep the gray cool. We don’t want it to get warmer and yellowish. Repeat after us; gray for slaying!

Silver White

For those of you who cannot get enough with the gray color; here is silver-white for you. Silver white is very trendy for a couple of years and also this year. It looks very cool and elegant. Every color of dress would look great on you. Bleach your hair to the 10 which is almost white. Then, put toner and dye your hair. That color may need polish in a couple of weeks. Also, get yourself a purple shampoo and use it once a week. It will keep the coolness of the silver white and you.

Dive into the Blue

Whether it is dark or light just dive into the blue. Having blue-dyed short hair is a pretentious choice without any doubt. Even so, it worth trying. If you have darker skin, you may try the darker blue tones. You should bleach your hair at least to the 9, otherwise, the blue color can get greener. Pixies, bobs, lobs… Any short haircut will look good in blue. Also, blue hair looks very good with a wedding dress and especially at country weddings.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Getting somewhere over the rainbow can’t be easy. Having rainbow colors in your hair can’t be that easy too. Even though it looks very stunning, cool, and gorgeous. Bleaching your hair is a must for this. You can use the regular rainbow colors or other colors you want to dye. There is no limit to the colors. You can separate your hair into sections and dye it one by one. Also, you can put the dye on your hair randomly. Either way, you will look gorgeous and get everyone’s attention.

What crazy hair color looks better on short hair?

Short hair is an advantage that any color looks so great with it. You can decide the hair color by your skin tone. Vibrant and dark tones go well with darker skin tones. Pale and pastel colors are for the light skins.

What is the trending hair color for 2023?

Pale and cool tones, especially gray and silver-white are the trending hair colors for 2023. These tones look so brave, strong, edgy, and cool.


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