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Best Low Maintenance Haircuts Thick Hair 

Best Low Maintenance Haircuts Thick Hair 2023, Although thick hair is difficult to manage; thick, voluminous, and lush hair is desired by everyone. It is true that well-groomed hair makes people more attractive. It is necessary not to expose the hair to excessive heat and regularly remove the fractures. The correct haircut is important as thick hair expands from root to tip. It is important to find the best low maintenance haircuts for thick hair. And we did it for you:

  1. The long chunky layers: It is used by layering between the hair in order to prevent a fluffy appearance. Thus, this haircut prevents the hair from looking messy. It gives the most natural and beautiful result on wavy hair.
  2. The choppy lob: The cut that looks great even when wet and damp is recommended for choppy hair. The haircut, which is very easy to shape, is usually aligned between the chin and the shoulder.
  3. The classic long shag: It is suggested the longest layer is should be in the collarbone and the shortest layer in the middle of the cheeks. It gives a more voluminous and wavy look, it is effortless. It can be used with bangs.
  4. The pixie: It is generally recommended for middle age. It goes well with wavy, straight or curly hair. It is the most effortless cut because it is shorter than other cuts.

Haircuts with Bangs

  1. The curtain bangs: Curtain bangs are the fittest haircut for thick hairs. It is usually are cut in eyebrow length or a bit longer. Curtain bangs named like this because the bangs are parted in the middle of the face. Usually used with long layers upon the cheekbones.
  2. The grown out fringe: It can be used split, straight, or swept from one side. It is an effortless cut due to the bangs are extended downwards. It easily adapts to thick hair and gives a stylish appearance.

The Bob Haircuts

  1. The messy bob with choppy layers: It is usually cut at the chin level and a fuller image is formed on the back of the head. Recommended for wavy hair. It is easy and effortless to shape.
  2. The razored bob: Ideal for transitioning to short hair. It gives a calm appearance due to its cutting by thinning. Recommended for straight hair.
  3. Blunt bob with bangs: It is a model that must be cut by a professional. It goes well with wavy and straight hair. It gives the person a cool, no-hassle beauty vibe. In dark hair provides a vampire look
  4. The extra long bob: It is a haircut suitable for every face and hair type. However, it gives a stylish appearance by controlling thick hair. It can be an asymmetrical cut or it can be adjusted optionally. If the hair is well-groomed and shiny, it will look better.
  5. The graduated stacked bob: It is effortless as it is a short haircut. It is usually applied to straight and curly hair. It is not suitable for use with short bangs as the back of your hair will look fuller than the front.

Tips for Low Maintenance Haircuts for Thick Hair

To control your thick hair in low maintenance haircuts there are some things to do. Thick hair needs to be controlled because they are large and voluminous.

  • For example, you should choose the right shampoo and moisturizer. Since thick hair loses moisture quickly, you should use products with high moisturizing content.
  • You should comb your hair while in the shower. Otherwise, your hair will become electrified, shapeless, and tangled.
  • Use a cotton t-shirt or towel while drying your hair. Do not expose to excessive heat.
  • Do not neglect to use maintenance oils to prevent frizz after showering.

What is the Easiest Haircut to Maintain?

We have said that the most effortless haircut is the pixie. But if you’re not in favor of a very short haircut, you can try the messy bob with choppy layers. The layered hairs are generally comfortable cuts to maintain. Also they are suitable with thick hairs.

Is Layered Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair Good for Me?

Layered bob haircuts are used in long, short, or medium lengths also can be adapted to every face and hair type.


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