What the hairdresser represents for women?

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

The importance of the figure of the Hairdresser, Friend and Confidant par excellence of women, except for small betrayals…

The hair issue, in its cut, color, extensions, keratin, highlights and shatush variations, is one of the topics most shared by friends, acquaintances and sometimes even strangers!. Because, everything can go unnoticed, but not a shade of blonde….

Dear friends, let’s face it, the pages of newspapers can be overwhelmed by news of politics and the economy with a global impact, but none will hold the stage like the cut and color trend of the moment.

There is only one place where you can endlessly celebrate the emotion of beauty: your own hair stylist’s salon! And it is for this reason that I wanted to dedicate some thoughts and reflections to the real meaning that this pleasant place represents for me, and to understand if you too, like me, are hair stylist addicts, for the same reasons.

How and why the hairdresser becomes our keeper of secrets

Meanwhile, the hairdresser is not only the one or the one who makes us feel beautiful even when we are objectively reduced to bad luck, but it is also the door that we cross without fear, without fear of being judged.

Once inside, we feel welcomed even if we have untameable hair and five centimeters of regrowth. We always go there anyway, without excuses, without impediments.

He is a confidant to whom we confess our joys and our sorrows (always with emphasis, even four weeks after the events occurred), and he is also the only one who holds the greatest of our secrets: the number of the color chart for our tint!.
And this alone would be enough to give the right connotation of the role he plays in our existence.

The hairdresser is a love, labile but he is still a love.

It is no coincidence that the most romantic day of the week, Saturday afternoon, is dedicated to it.

The hairdresser is a being gifted with an exceptional hypersensitivity. In fact, he notices immediately, for example, when we have finished a love story.
At our, “I want to give it a break today”, his eyes widen, and not only for the possibility of demonstrating his ability in the short cut. And down with advice and reassuring phrases like “but darling, you could see from a thousand miles away that he wasn’t the right person for you! You are fire and you need fire to burn, like the color that I am now making for you!”.

Obviously, the hours spent at the hairdresser must be enriching, therefore, it is necessary to stay on track. Like the reading club, even to sit on those armchairs, one must be ready to carry on lively and current conversations, but also transversal.
Because, the hairdresser is not only lightness, but also an occasion to display burning issues: better Botox or Acmella Oleracea? How to make the perfect bandeja in Padel? (from the Spanish padel, please); Holographic and traditional nail polish?

Let’s face it, that salon is our happy island. You enter that you are a toilet, and everyone welcomes you as if you were a crazy pussy. You come out looking moderately dignified and everyone greets you like you’re crazy hot.

In short, it is the place where an embarrassed ego finally finds its rebirth.

And this, regardless of the treatments you have to do. Why, there are times when “just a crease, et voilà”, other Saturdays when the renovation also includes manicure, eyebrows, mustache, prosecco, psychoanalysis session and group dances, and you finish just in time to go to dinner!

The hairdresser is also that asexual entity, which you would like to embrace and always have by your side (as Ilary Blasi has it). A protective angel with wings and a pointed comb, ready to support our depressed curls, from morning to night. Which after just two weeks of not seeing it, you already miss it so much, more than wine after nine months of pregnancy.

He is the confidant par excellence. If you want to leave your partner, the hairdresser knows it long before the unfortunate person. But even if you have horns, if you’re pregnant, if you hate your mother-in-law or think your colleague suffers from bad breath.

When you are there, you are convinced that you are free from constraints and constraints and that you can confide your most intimate secrets. So, open comparisons on the decrease in sexual desire in menopause, on intestinal swelling from diverticula and on natural remedies to counteract hallux valgus, so, with simplicity.

When the relationship with the hairdresser has lasted for years, then you also arrive at more dangerous confidences. We even get to reveal, and without fear, if we have a lover.

It is done lightly, without fear of being betrayed, because anyone who crosses the threshold of the hairdresser with you is the custodian of an uncomfortable secret that they will have confided, in turn, screaming during styling, to that hand that holds the hair dryer and which, undoubtedly, represents one’s best friend.

As we know, there is a sort of silent pact between the participants on Saturday afternoons. It’s a Carbonara reunion, each one collects the secrets of their armchair neighbor and swears, on their own regrowth, that once they get out of her, she will pretend she has never met her before.

When the betrayal comes

However, like all loves, this too undergoes shocks, adjustments and betrayals.

Oh yes, because, we can resist anything but a well done cut, a natural blonde, a restructuring keratin. And, given that the beauty market is always evolving, it is enough to intercept anyone on our path who is the healthy bearer of a new trichological experimentation, to shake up a solid relationship, which has challenged marriages, children and divorces.

Let’s face it, friends, we are born traitors! And so, it doesn’t take much to ask the fateful question, “but you, who do you go to for such…crazy hair?! Next time, I want to go with you!”.

That’s it, it’s a moment and you find yourself on a new armchair, the kind that give you a massage while washing, and hands that scrutinize your soul while they rub your scalp and you think, that in the end, what Is it bad if you change your hairdresser just for a fold every now and then!?

It is an opportunity to compete with other people, to gain experience, in short.

The betrayal is done.

You look at your hair stylist drug dealer friend, who returns you with an approving look, and you know that you are now trapped in this tunnel, from which it will be difficult to get out, without having tried the new organic dye.

And the reflection inevitably falls on the mystery of us women, capable of changing, with a certain serenity, husband, work and city, while we fall into a vortex of doubts and uncertainties, when we have to replace the hairdresser, even if in the end, we betray him same.

Because, no matter how many cuts we’ve experienced on that armchair and how many secrets we’ve confided over the years, if a new tamer of unruly hair appears on the horizon, we’ll go towards it, happy, and how.

Of course, maybe with some sense of guilt but, above all, with a stunning new bob!

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