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Trendy Short Hair Styles for Round Faces 

Trendy Short Hair Styles for Round Faces 2023, The face shape is important as well as a decent haircut for using short hair. If you want to remodel your hair you should ask for a piece of advice from your hairdresser. Short hair as the trend of 2023, gives women an attractive and cool look. If you have a round face, you can get the look you want with a professional touch. It is known that short hair will make your face look thinner, but it also gives a younger and modern look. Once you meet the comfort of short hair, it will be difficult for you to give up. Short hairstyles for round faces are multifarious, but there are two main cuts for changing the appearance:

Hiding the round jawline with a decent cut is possible. For example, pixies and bobs are the most used haircuts for women who have round faces. It is also known that bobs can give you a slimmer appearance.

Things to Pay Attention while Styling Short Hair

Even if you use your hair short, you need to provide the care regularly. Short hair also wears out over time, just like long hair. You should not expose it to too much heat and do not neglect moisturizing. Care products may vary depending on the hairstyle and hair type you will use.

Tips for to Know Whether You Have a Round Face

  • If your face’s vertical length which is from forehead to chin is nearly the same,
  • Again, If your face’s horizontal length from cheek to cheek is nearly the same,
  • If you have a full cheek,
  • If your chin is unnoticeable.

Before telling perfect hairstyles for a round face there is a haircut list that you should avoid using:

Haircuts That Should be Avoided for Round Faces

  • Short cut bobs.
  • Blunt hair.
  • Short cuts with satin bangs.
  • Sleek short hair.

It is possible to get hair suitable for your face by slightly changing the cuts. Below you can see short hairstyles for round faces:

Ideal Short Hair Styles for Round Faces – Best of 2023!

Here are the best and most popular short hairstyles that look like you were in the hair salon!

  • Short cut for curly hair: Short messy wavy hair that gives a natural and sexy look when combined with warm brown shades. This haircut can be asymmetrical or straight, styled according to your wishes.
  • Stacked bob: Short stacked bob is should be long enough from the front to give an edge appearance. Red and ginger will look good on you with this haircut. It is generally preferred for straight hair, it is an effortless cut.
  • Braided bob: If you have natural hair, you can use it to give your round face a slim look. It is more suitable for dark hair and skin.
  • Short shaggy: Combined with little bangs, it gives an adorable look! It is a slightly more asymmetrical cut, the hair is usually cut to cover the ears.
  • Short pixie with long layers: It is a modern and stylish haircut, gives an edgy look to round faces. It is a long layered version of short hair, a hair that does not require much processing.
  • Short choppy layers: This haircut draws attention from the face and gathers it on itself, it is a natural cut. Generally preferred for slightly wavy and blonde-auburn tones.
  • Flattering short haircut: Generally recommended for women over 50, gives a youthful look. The cut may vary depending on the hair type of the person.
  • Classic bob with straight/curly bag: It is a timeless and classic cut that gives an elegant look. Generally preferred for straight and dark hair.
  • Short angled bob: It is pleasant and easy hair to use as it can be easily shaped. The difference from the classic bob is that the hair is shortened from the front to the back.
  • Asymmetrical bob: A cut that gives a sexy and stylish look when used properly. As it is an asymmetrical cut, it adds an extraordinary style to the person.

A Few Natural Hair Looks Tips For Those Who Are Never Satisfied!

Let’s see additional natural hair looks for those who always want to look chic!

  • Long pixie with a side-swept bang: It slims the face and gives a stylish look. It is the hair that needs to be shaped sideways due to its cut. It may take some effort.
  • Short wavy bob: Gives a sharper jawline appearance, easy to shape. It should be preferred by thick and wavy hair, otherwise, it may create a pale appearance.
  • Choppy pixie: When used with long bangs, it creates an effortless and modern look. Creates an elegant look when integrated with hair in blonde and gray tones.
  • Modern textured bob: It is a hair that suits bold women, gives a cool look. Usually ends under the chin and collarbones, ideal for those who want to gradually shorten their hair.
  • Choppy bob: Gives volume to straight hair, gives a more natural look with brunette glitters. Usually ends at the chin.
  • Textured inverted bob: It draws attention from face to hair by giving volume with layers. The back of the hair looks more voluminous than the front.
  • Messy waves: The hair is slightly extended from the back to the front, the layer is only on the front hair. It gives a messy and nice look. Its length can be adjusted as desired, it looks natural in every hair.
  • Chic chin-length bob: It is a hair easy to use and maintain, spice up with shine may nice. Preferred for straight and wavy hair, easy to use.
  • Short bob with bangs: It is hair with or without bangs that suits a round face, it gives a sweet look. It is preferred with straight hair and short bangs, it gives a very stylish look.


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