Trendy Curly Short Hairstyle Looks for Free Spirits


Trendy Curly Short Hairstyle Looks for Free Spirits

Free-spirits want to show their personality with their amazing hairstyles! If you are looking for an independent fashionista look, you are in the right place. We listed trendy curly short hairstyle looks for free-spirits:

  • Romantic peachy lob for curly hairs: The medium layered bob that cut as an a-line shape creates a romantic look. When it is combined with peachy tones turns into an amazing hairstyle for curly hair ladies.
  • Quirky bob with balayage: The quirky bob is suitable for fine curly hairs. This amazing hairstyle has an asymmetric line at the back. If you choose purple and gray balayage together, that creates a marvelous dramatic style.
  • Fauxhawk: The “Mohawk” hairstyle that we all know is combined with punk culture. They create this beauty! Sides are shaved in this model, you can shape the rest of your hair. You can just leave them on their own, or braid them. In both choices, they will look magnificent. You can add some highlights and lowlights according to your hair color.
  • Auburn pixie with etched nape: This haircut is coming for pale skins. You can dye your hair to red and ginger tones. The short pixie with etched nape will give you a free-spirit look.
  • Shaggy bob with balayage: The one-length bob with your curls will look adorable. Some scrunching to your hair will help to look it more voluminous. You can get a free-spirit look by adding some blue highlights.
  • Pink style: The pixie that Pink’s used is shaved on one side, and the other is relatively long. As Pink did, you should use gray and light purple together on your hair. We sure Pink’s pixie will look marvelous on curly hair.

Sexiest Curly Short Hairstyles for Free Spirits

If you want to look both sexy and free with your curly short hairs, see:

  • Shaggy curly pixie: The top of the head is effervesced and the nape hairs are more sleeky. It is between a curly pixie and a mullet. When it is combined with sandy – beige tones will look amazing.
  • Short curly mullet: The mullet hairstyle works with the best short curly hairs. You can make this beauty even wilder by adding some blue balayage or highlights.
  • Pixie: Pixie already has its own free-spirit appearance. However, you can add to it some movement by using a bandana. When this bohemian look combined with slight, colored bangs; here’s your free-spirit look.
  • Short finger waves: The top of the head is longer than the back of this haircut. Your natural curl will look gorgeous. You can add some ginger and red highlights to your hair.
  • Razor cut: The razor cut is one of the sexiest and braver cuts. With its thin layers, you will be in the spotlight.
  • Dramatic curls: The dramatic curls will give you the definition of loveliness.
  • Messy pixie: The sides shaved a little and the front and the top of the head are longer. The longer part looks voluminous.
  • Sleek bob: If you do not feel ready to go with really short hair, give it a shot. The back-scrubbed wet-looking hair will give you a free-spirit appearance.
  • Boyish pixie: That is an easy and simple pixie with a short haircut.
  • Mohawk: Mohawk is maybe the most attractive and free-spirit hairstyle for a curly-haired woman. It will emphasize your beautiful curls and gives you a stylish and sexy look.
  • Edged sides: The edgy sides haircut with the correct outfit will make you the most stylish one in the room.

Coloured Trendy Curly Short Hairstyles

If you love looking vibrant, these hairstyles will blow your mind! These are the most extravaganza short curly hairstyle looks for free spirits:

  • Angled bob: It is known that angled bob looks amazing in curly hairs. For having a trendy and free look you should dye your hair the ginger-red tones. This haircut will also look good with a cute bang.
  • Vibrant blue: That is a really short pixie with side shaved. To add some movement to your hair, you should give vibrant blue hair color a shot.
  • Rainbow pixie: Sides are shaved, bangs and layers are longer. To make yourself the eyeful one, try rainbow colors.

Brave Haircuts for Bold Girls

  • Shaved: Well, all you need for a free spirit is a shaved head. We sure you will perfect!
  • Bleached short cut: If you are going really short hair, why you do it boring? Try a new bold color.

What hairstyles go with short curly hair?

Besides the hairstyles we talked about above, you can try lob haircuts and afro style. Vintage and voluminous curls are also in trend nowadays. If you seek a bold hairstyle, you can give shaved sides a chance.

Does curly hair look better long or short?

That depends on how people treat their hair. Curly hair tends to smooth when it’s longer; they become easy to maintain. But the curls manifest themselves better in short hair.

Should curly hair be layered or one length?

Hairstylists say that curly hair looks better in shoulder-length. There is no harm to add few layers into curly hair. However, just a reminder; If the shortest layers will be too short that can create a fluffy look.

How can I make my short curly hair look good?

After finding the right cut for you, there are some tips for better hair. You should avoid heat and choose the right products. Also, do not scrub your hair when it’s dry, and use a cotton towel.


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