The Short Hairstyles for Prom





























The Short Hairstyles for Prom

Short hair is not an obstacle to shine bright on your prom day. The rumors may bother you that say short hair cannot be styled properly. Well, that rumor is more than wrong. Here is the time for you to prove that short hair can look good even better. There are plenty of options for short hair to do in prom. All you have to do is choose the right one that goes well with your prom dress. Just take a look at the short hairstyles for prom and find the one!

French Braid Crown

If you want to be the prom queen, you should get a French braid crown right away. You can use this model with a lob and bob cut easily. Also, it will work with longer pixie cuts. Start to braid the hair from one side until you reach the other side. Then, attach the braid with bobby pins and hide them with the rest of the hair. For the remaining portion of the hair, we recommend you give light waves. This model looks good with every color of hair. It even looks better with highlights on it. Want to try?

Curly Updo

If you are not looking for a new adventure and go for classics, it is totally fine. A curly updo is a savior that fits well with any occasion. You can use an iron curler or roll your hair with rollers from the previous night. Then, start to hold them together in the middle. You may prefer this model a little looser, otherwise, it could look old. You will need a hair spray for this model to lock the curls all night long. So that, you can dance all night without thinking about your hair!

Bob Cut with Bohemian Braids

Maybe, you want to give a messy, effortless, and comfy vibe in the prom. Then, a bob cut with bohemian braids is just made for you. It will only take a couple of minutes to do. First of all, get an iron curler and give waves to your hair. Be careful the waves should be wide, don’t curl the hair completely. Randomly braid small portions of your hair. Loose come of the braids and left some of them tighter. If you wish you may decorate the braids with hair rings. Bohemian queen is ready!

One Side French Braid with Hair Rings

If your dress is a little bit edgy, we found the perfect hairstyle for you. One side French braid with hair rings is created for you. We recommend you straighten your hair to highlight the edginess. Do the French braid to the one side of your hair. Then, start to decorate the braids with hair rings. Silver rings would look better with this style. Golden rings are a little old-fashioned. You may spray hair spray to the braid to lock it. You will rock the night!

Pixie Cut with Braids

Pixie cut with braids is the best version of the pixie cut for the prom. It will look cool and elegant at the same time. You can do several braids on one side of the hair and attach them with bobby pins. You can have a messy finish on the other portion of your hair. Also, you can just straighten that portion. It is all up to your dress. Either way, you will look gorgeous. This model looks great with silver, gray, and lavender colors. Maybe, you will give it a chance to those colors as well.

Braided Half Updo

The braided half updo is a very romantic hairstyle for bob and lob cuts. If the color of your dress is pale pink, baby blue, or mint; this is just for you! Start to half of your hair from the top portion by the two sides. Then, connect the braids in the middle. You can use a chic hairpin in the middle or decorate it with some flowers. Keep that in mind, if you curl the bottom portion of the hair it will double the charm. You can use some hair spray to keep up your curls. Then, you are ready to go!

What is the best short hairstyle for prom?

Bob and lob cut is the perfect haircut for styling it. However, pixie is also a great option and can be styled easily. The braids can be the key to the hairstyle for prom. Different types of braids can give you the vibe you need.

How do you style short hair for prom?

You will need an iron curler and a hairspray… You want to hold the curls or waves all night; don’t you? Also, you may decorate your hair with flowers or hair rings according to your dress.

Which short hairstyle is the most attractive?

Your hair will be attractive because you are attractive by yourself. Try the hairstyle that puts forward your pretty face. You will get everyone’s attention.


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