The Most Charming Short Haircuts for Different Face Shapes


The Most Charming Short Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

It is hard to decide on the haircut because there is always a hesitation about how it looks. It is determined before you have it. The true key of choose a haircut is knowing your face shape. Before arranging the balance of the shortness or adding bangs, you should check the shape of your face. Otherwise, you might regret the haircut you have. If you know your face shape but don’t know what haircuts would suit you; don’t move. Just take a look at the most charming short haircuts for different face shapes.

Oval Faces

Oval face shape is accepted as the perfect face shape universally. You are lucky to have it because even makeup trends are formed based on oval faces. The balance of the oval face is so fine that almost every short haircut goes well with it. Blunt bob is just perfect for the oval faces. It looks sharp and sexy. If you prefer it a little shorter, you should try the pixie immediately. The edginess and coolness of the pixie will go well with your face. Try and see!

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are very unique and have very beautiful shapes. Also, the narrow chin gives you a very feminine vibe. However, if you want to hide your wide forehead, it is all fine. In this case, you have to be the best friends with the bangs. Bob, lob, and pixie will all look perfect on you, but you should add some bangs to them. Curtain bangs go better with lob cut and perfect for the beach looks. You should try side-swept bangs with a pixie cut and look gorgeous. Blunt bangs are just perfect for the bob cut if you want to have some Parisian vibe.

Diamond Faces

Diamond faces are looking very gorgeous without any doubt. If you want to put their beautiful cheekbones forward, the pixie cut is just right for you. Your showing off cheekbones with a narrow chin has an attractive combination with a pixie. However, if you want a safer haircut, you have to try the bob cut in chin-length. Also, you may try an asymmetrical bob cut if you want something a little different. You should avoid getting a lob cut since it can shade your beautiful bony face.

Round Faces

One thing the ones with round faces should know that the blunt cuts are not your friends. Make sure your first option is not bob cuts. The shape of the bob cuts is prone to make your face even rounder. If you insist to have it, you should have the messy bob. Also, a messy pixie cut is made just for you. Don’t hesitate to reveal your whole face, it won’t look any worse on you. However, the messiness and choppiness of the pixie cut is the key. Please, remember.

Square Faces

Having a square face can be a chance recently since the bold jawlines and cheekbones are so popular. Also, the bony face can be a little masculine and if you don’t want it, it is understandable. A layered bob is a perfect option for you in this case. Layers are here to fly over the sharpness. If you want to soften the edges of your face, even more, you should have side-swept bangs. Side-swept bangs are also beneficial to highlight your cheekbones rather than your jawline. Let’s give it a chance!

Triangle Faces

Triangle faces have a little wide jawline and chin which is fine. However, if you are bothered their ways to soften it with certain short haircuts. First of all, you have to be friends with layered cuts. It is the most effective thing to soften your edges. Bob cut will work to hide your jawline, but make sure you avoid the blunt bob. Also, a choppy pixie is just perfect for your face shape. The choppiness will balance the shape instead of highlighting the wide parts. If you want to have bangs, please stay away from the full bangs. Instead, try the shorter and wispy bangs.

Which face shape looks the best with short hair?

Every face shape has its uniqueness. So, there is no certain face shape for short hair. Everyone can have short hair if they know their face shape well. Also, choose the haircut considering it.

Does short hair look good with chubby faces?

Of course, it does. Chubby faces cannot be an obstacle to getting short hair. If you want to get the attention out of the chubbiness, you should try a pixie cut. Also, choppy bobs work well.

Which haircut makes look the face thinner?

The haircuts that a little below the chin usually make the face look thinner. Most of the time, an asymmetrical bob cut works fine for that.


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