Textured Lob with Bangs with Short Hair Looks


Textured Lob with Bangs with Short Hair Looks

Lobs are the perfect haircuts that a little longer than bobs. The classy and elegant lobs are timeless because they suitable for anyone. Anyone who wants a haircut can find a perfect lob because they suitable for different face shapes. If you seek short hair looks that fit you, you should give textured lobs with bangs a shot.

  • Retro lob: The collarbone-length retro lob gives a cool vibe. What makes amazing the retro lob is the flipped textured ends. The classy, retro lob will look charming with the curtain bangs.
  • Curly lob: Who said that curly hairs do not seem beautiful with a short lob? The only important thing that you need to be sure of is the layers are not so fluffy. As long as your hairdresser gives the right cut for your curl pattern, it will look breathtaking. The sparse, big curl bangs definitely catch a great harmony with the rest of the hair.
  • Soft curls: The brushed messy curls will give you a soft appearance. The fluffy, spiritual vibe lob creates a halo effect. If you are a big fan of a diffused textures, you should try this one. Fine, brushed bangs will create a great look with pastel-toned makeup.
  • Senegalese twists lob: Not much to say, If you blessed with these amazing twists, just go for it! The incredibly textured lob will look pleasant with side bangs.
  • Natural texture: Lob cuts are the perfect choices for show off your natural textures. All you have to do is being nice to your hair. You can protect the natural texture of your hair by preventing heat. You should also use the right products according to your hair pattern. Fine bangs work nicely with natural hairs. It’s important not to use such thick bangs to avoid a suffocating look.

Most Chic Textured Lobs with Bangs

  • French lob: The French lob is a little longer version of French bob. It looks amazing with its cropped bangs and chin-length ends. It’s classy, elegant, and modern. Hair’s natural texture will give the French lob a nice look.
  • Shaggy lob: The shaggy lob has a feel vintage vibe. Since it became re-popular in 2017, it shows itself both on the red carpet and the streets. The glitzy energy is felt itself, it’s cool without even trying! The fine baby bangs look amazing on the shaggy lob. If you want to give yourself effortless beauty, go for it.
  • Choppy textured lob: The classic, elegant lob with textured ends. It shows itself mostly everywhere. It’s popular, easy to manage, and beautiful. The thick bangs will catch a nice harmony with the classic lob.
  • Lob with curtain bangs: Mind your head, trend alert! The most beautiful trendy hairstyles are together: textured lobs and curtain bangs. A choppy textured lob with cheekbone length curtain bangs will give you the definition of beauty. This is maybe one of the most effortless and elegant short hair looks. For a more pale-cool appearance, you should try ashy tones to your hair.
  • Lob with blunt bangs: The classic lob together with feathering blunt bangs. Make sure that your bangs are straight-across unlike the rest of your textured lob.
  • Tousled lob: The relatively long bangs will definitely create a sexy look. For a better appearance, try to add some highlights to your hair.
  • Full bangs: The choppy lob comes together with 70s feathery bangs. The wavy texture will give you a soft appearance.
  • Curly bangs: Just imagine collarbone-length curly lob combines with nice, slightly curly bangs! The insanely beautiful hairstyle will make you the star in the room.

The Modern Textured Lobs with Bangs

Well, we said that lobs are amazing and have a vintage-retro vibe. If you seek a more modern style, there you go. We listed the most beautiful textured lobs with bangs with short hair looks:

  • Lob with flowy side bangs: If you want an effortlessly beautiful look, try a classic lob with bangs. The important thing in this hairstyle is the highlights on your root hair. They will give you a modern and stylish appearance.
  • Soft romantic bangs: The flowy, wavy locks will catch an amazing harmony with your textured lob. For a more voluminous look, you may prefer to use an iron curling.
  • Minimally styled lob: The flat, dull bangs are wears on your naturally textured hair. It is easy to shape, all you have to do is fix your bangs.
  • Fuss-free long bob: Minimum effort, maximum points! The fuss-free layered lob with its side bangs will give you the cutest look. It is lovely, effortless, and stylish!

Is the lob still in style?

We inform from the red carpets and the award ceremonies: It’s lob season! Lob haircuts are highly preferred nowadays. They are chic, timeless, and elegant.

Are bangs a trend for 2020?

Thick and dense bangs are not on-trend this year. However, short and bold-looking vamp bangs are with us. We can add baby bangs to trendy bang styles. In general, thin, elegant, and bold bangs are in fashion this year as well.

What is a textured lob haircut?

Lob cuts are slightly longer than bob cuts. It is suitable for those who do not want hair as short as a bob or pixie cut. Or, it is preferred by those who can’t stand very long hair. The lobes are the length between the chin and the collarbone. The texture is called the pattern that exists in the hair itself. It is the general name given to uneven structures such as wavy, curved, slightly wavy.


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