7 Short Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers
























7 Short Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

7 Short Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers, Having short hair does not take away from your gorgeousness on your wedding day at all. Don’t even think there won’t be any chance to style short hair. There are plenty of options for short hairs that are also decorated with flowers. You will rock your wedding day and shine like a star with your stunning hair. If you are ready to see the options here are the 7 short wedding hairstyles with flowers!

Natural Hair with a Flower Crown

It is a very simple but chic hairstyle if you want some natural hair for the wedding. You can even do this natural hair with a flower crown by yourself. It doesn’t matter if you have short, midi, or long hair. All you have to get some bobby pins and a flower crown. Tie half of your hair by the back with bobby pins. Then, put the flower crown on your head, and voila! You are ready to enchant everyone.

Nostalgic Curls with a Flower

If you have especially bob-cut hair you should try the nostalgic curls with a flower. Of course, if your wedding dress has some vintage or nostalgic vibes this hairstyle will complete your stunning look. Curl your hair but not that much the waves should be natural and dull. Then brush your hair to one side. On the other side put a flower which you like. That’s it! You’ll look like a lady from the ‘20s.

Bridal Updo Decorated with Flowers

You can show your beautiful short hair as if it is long hair. A bridal updo decorated with flowers is the key if you want it so. All you need is some hairpins and a hair spray. Braid your hair randomly and tie with hairpins in the middle. Then loosen the braids and got that messy and chic look. At last, decorate some flowers. Just a little tip: if you choose small flowers that will look better.

Classic Bridal Bun with a Flower

It is totally fine if you are not try anything new and go for a classic model. Then, you should try this classical bridal bun with a flower. It is a midi bun and should not be high. You can combine the bun with a bouffant or not; it is all up to you. Brush neatly by the sides and tie in the middle with a flowered clasp. Also, you can tie it with bobby pins and decorated it with a flower.

Braided Bob Cut in Flowers

Bob cut one of the coolest hairstyles for sure. If you think you can’t style it for your wedding, you are wrong. Choose your best side and do 3-4 neat braids on there. Pin some little flowers at the end of the braids. Then, curl the rest of your hair and give it some messy look. It is that simple! You will be the coolest bride ever!

Pastel Braids with Flowers

To shine in the country wedding dye your hair in pastel colors and charm everyone at first sight. You can choose pastel pinks, lavenders, or baby blue. Then, braid your hair with small parts in front of your head and combine them in the middle. The braids can be a little messy. Then decorate your braids with beautiful wildflowers. Voila!

Lifted Curls in Flowers

For lifted curls in flowers, all you need is lots of hair spray and a curler. It is very easy to do it. Just curl your hair as much as you like. Then with a brush and hair spray brush your curls to the top and give it a voluminous look. Decorate it with some flowers and the stunning bride is ready to go!


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