Short Straight Haircut Ideas for a Younger Look


Short Straight Haircut Ideas for a Younger Look

It is already known that short hairstyles give the person a younger look. Let’s make it double with short straight haircut ideas for a younger look. Since the short haircuts help emphasize cheekbones and jawline, they are preferred most.

  • The short edgy cut: The short edgy cut in straight hair is the definition of a younger look. It is effortless and easy to maintain. Just be sure that you are using the correct products to shine your hair.
  • Blunt a-line bob: The blunt a-line haircut is never old-fashioned. When it combines with side-swept bangs, it will create an amazing look. If you have thick hair, you should give it a shot.
  • Angled bob: The angled bob is one of the sexiest short haircuts. It will emphasize your cheekbones and creates a younger look. If you seek short straight haircuts ideas for a younger look, try it.
  • Wispy bangs: Try to use a more flattering cut instead of heavy layers. This short haircut will highlight your face, you enjoy your beautiful smile. When combined with bangs, it creates a younger and fresh appearance.
  • Chin-length layers: In straight hair, this haircut gives the person a vamp look. It is more preferred by ladies over 50. However, no matter what your age chin-length layers will look good on you.
  • Edgy cropped bob: The edgy cropped bobs create an illusion that made look your hair healthier. The choppy ends will look amazing with a few touches. If you prefer this hairstyle with dull colors, it makes you look younger.
  • Chopped haircut: A short-cropped haircut gives you the freshest look. When it is combined with highlights, it will create depth. You can also use it with slightly side-swept bangs.

Short Straight Blonde Haircuts for a Younger Look

  • Classy blonde: A copasetic blonde with a short straight haircut will make you younger. You can try feathered bobs and pixies.
  • The blonde blow-out pixie: The blow-out pixie gives you a both stylish and a younger look. It works with thick hair best. Also, you can also add some highlights and lowlights to your hair.
  • Blonde inverted bob: The inverted bob haircut fits with anyone. All you have to do is ask for help from your hairdresser. With a few blonde highlights on your hair, you can have a fresh look.
  • Bob with dark roots: To make your bob more stylish, you should make your roots dark. Then, apply some blonde highlights. You will look extraordinary with a classic bob. The classic bob works best with straight hair. Just to be sure you are using the correct products to prevent static hair.
  • Round bob: The round bob looks beautiful when matched with feathered layers and shiny blonde tones. It both gives a healthier and a younger look.
  • Soft lob: The hair is longer in the front. Its feathered long layers and blonde highlights give a younger look.

Short Straight Pixies for a Younger Look

Pixies are head when it comes to short straight haircut ideas for a younger look.

  • Blended pixie: The soft layers without edges create a calm and beautiful look. When the right pixie match with true color, you will look shiny. This haircut generally preferred by ladies over 45.
  • Short pixie cut: This is one of the sexiest haircuts. The short pixie can be used by anyone. It fits any age and gives them all an elegant and amazing look! You can use a short pixie with slight bangs, too.
  • Stand-up pixie: The stand-up pixie looks marvelous when it’s matched with gray and blue tones. You can also leave long bangs in front. That will make you look younger.

Short Straight Haircuts with Different Colors

  • One-length bob with ginger tones: A life without gingers would be miserable. If you would like to use a sophisticated haircut as a one-length bob, add some ginger. While the one-length bob makes you stylish, ginger adds a cool look. Also, this match will make you look younger.
  • Smoky lavender: Add some layers to your regular bob. When layers matched with smoky lavender, it makes you marvelous. It both gives you an unusual and fresh look.
  • Silver shining: The regular pixie is always untimely. If you seek a cool look, add some silver highlights to your hair. The pixie is also can used with fine bangs.
  • This-hair-is-on-fire: Ask for a pixie that ends the back of the neck. Add some layers to it and highlighted red. You will look magnificent!

Does shorter hair make you look younger?

If you treat your hair nicely and use the right products, yes. Short hair gives the person a healthier and a younger look. However, straight hair sometimes can lose its volume. You should choose the right conditioner that gives your hair a voluminous look.

What kind of haircut makes you look younger?

Well, what makes you think that pixies are never old-fashioned? That is the answer! Pixies are can be arranged for any people, that’s why they are untimely. When the pixie matched with the correct hair color, makes you look younger.

What is the most low maintenance haircuts?

The most low-maintenance haircuts are the pixies and the classic bob. They are both easy to manage and shape. You can save your time and look beautiful at the same time. Thanks for the pixies and bobs, you can be ready just in a few minutes. They don’t require much saloon maintenance, you can even shape them with just your hands.


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