Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces- 2021 Version


Short Hairstyles for Fat Faces- 2021 Version

Ladies, If you have a fat, round face give short hairstyles a chance. Short hairstyles are not only trendy but also versatile. You can achieve a slimmer face appearance by trying a short haircut. Ask for help from your hair professional. If the cut is being correct, the softer jawline would have hidden. Also, the facial appearance would look elongating. Pixies and bobs are the most common and suggested haircut for fat faces. If you seek short hairstyles for fat faces, see our 2021 version:

Short Hairstyles that Fit with Fat Faces for Curly and Wavy Hair

  • Cute short haircut: The messy wavy texture will add movement to your face. The shoulder-length haircut will frame the face and gives a fresh appearance.
  • Braided bob for natural curly hair: The chin-length braided bob draws attention with its different styles. The beautiful braids and the hair accessories would emphasize hair than the face. Thus, the hair takes all credit and you do not have to worry about your round face.
  • Angled short bob: The trendy angled bob is the right choice for round faces. The blunt, cute haircut is easy to maintain and shape. The naturally wavy texture will give the person a beachy vibe.
  • Short choppy layers: The naturally textured chin-length haircut draws attention to the hair itself. It looks adorable with fine bangs. The haircut is a blessing for round-face ladies. If you want to try short hairstyles for fat faces, give this one a shot.
  • Short wavy bob: The wavy bob cut at chin-length is ideal for round and fat faces. The haircut works well with the face and hides the unwanted look. A more beautiful look is achieved by creating depth with blonde highlights.
  • Modern textured bob: The extra short modern textured bob works nicely with round faces. It looks gorgeous on wavy hair, a few scrunching is enough to shape.
  • Choppy bob for fine hair: The neck-length bob works nicely both with a round face and fine hair. Brunette highlights will give a beautiful shine to your face. You should give this classy bob a shot.

Short Hairstyles that Fit with Fat Faces for Straight Hair

  • Side-parted long bob: The choppy side-parted long bob will look amazing just with a few touches. You can use an iron curling or a sea salt spray to shape. The red-ginger tones will look good on this long bob.
  • Short neck-length bob with one side: The way the hair is cut and its use from one side will cover your face and provide a slimmer look. Blonde-beige tones fit perfectly with this hair. Also, it looks nice on straight hair type.
  • A short bob with long bangs: The short bob and the long straight bangs catch an amazing harmony with round faces. The long bangs will make your chin look edgier. The short bob fits nicely with thick hair. You should prefer dark hair color with this short hairstyle for a more stylish look.
  • Short stacked bob: The hair gets length from behind to front. It is long enough to give an edgy look from the front. The stacked short bob will make your face look less round.
  • Short shaggy: The chin-length layered choppy shaggy looks pretty with the baby bangs. It provides a thinner look with waves that frame the face beautifully. It offers a slim face line by reducing the fat appearance of the face.
  • Classic bob with bangs: The classic and timeless classic bob is a good option for round faces. The bob’s itself cover the face and gives it an edgy look. It is classy, elegant, and beautiful. You should definitely give it a chance. Also, the bangs provide a thinner look to you.

Pixies for Fat-Round Faces

  • Short pixie bob with long layers: The lovely short pixie bob with long layers is the right choice for the ones who don’t want a too-short haircut. The stylish and cute pixie works well with the round faces.
  • Short pixie for over 50: It is a great cut for fat faces as the upper part of the hair looks voluminous. It is easy to shape and maintain. A younger look can be achieved with dark blonde highlights.
  • Blonde long pixie with side-swept bangs: The blond long pixie with side-swept bangs gives a thinner appearance when it’s combined with fine make-up. The long, side-swept bangs create a dimension to an edgy shape. The light ashy blonde also creates a fabulous look.
  • Choppy pixie with long bangs: The front length hides the rounded look as it will cover the face. It is a cool and stylish haircut. Works beautifully with straight hair, the effort required to style.
  • Cropped pixie: The cropped boyish pixie catches a good harmony with fat faces. It looks amazing with the fine baby bangs. All you have to do is show off with your beautiful smile!

What hair length is best for fat faces?

In general, all hair lengths are compatible, except for very tall ones. Asymmetrical cuts that are longer on one side are generally more preferred for fat faces. We recommend pixie and bob cuts. For more ideas, you should read the short hairstyle for fat faces- 2021 version.

Is short hair suitable for chubby face?

Yes, as long as you find the right haircut. Ask for a short haircut from your hair professional that works with your face shape and hair type.

What haircut makes your face look thinner?

Pixie cuts are mostly preferred for round faces. Besides that, women sometimes not ready for a very short haircut. We recommend long bobs to get used to short hair and find a haircut that fits your face. Long bobs, also known as the lob, will make your face appear slimmer.


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