Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Natural Hair





























Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Natural Hair

Kinky hair is one of the most perfect things to have. You look very adorable and like you just get off the hair salon every day. However, every beauty has difficulty. Sometimes, styling, brushing even washing can make you have hard times. Have you ever think to cut them and make life easier for you? You don’t need to separate extra time for your hair if you don’t want it so with short hair. If you wonder further but don’t have any idea what to do; don’t worry. Just follow us through the short hairstyles for black women with natural hair.

Teeny Weeny Afro

Teeny weeny afro is not everyone’s first choice for sure. It is a brave and masculine hairstyle that looks very great if you give it a chance. For lazy ladies, it is very easy to use. Just wash and dry it, then you are ready to go. If you are bored of spending your hours doing your hair, it is just for you. Also, you may try some crazy colors with this model. Bleached blonde, lavender, silver white and rose gold are very popular with this style. Let’s have it!

Red Mohawk for Kinky Hair

If you are familiar with the Mohawk hairstyle you may think it is a little extra. However, a red Mohawk for kinky hair is made for your beautiful natural hair. Shave the two sides of your hair and let the middle portion remain. You may shorten the middle part as well. Nothing extra is needed since your hair has the volume by its nature. Then, the most fascinating part has come; dying it to red. We recommend you to dye with bright red. So that, you can take your sexiness to another level!

Pinky Pixie

Pinky pixie is calling you to the world of cotton candies! Pixie is a savior haircut without any doubt. Most people don’t think it would look good on them, but it goes pretty well with almost everyone. Pixie cut with pinky hair will give you a charming vibe… Also, dying it in pink makes it even cuter. Pale pink is so popular recently, but you may try safer pinks as well. If you are brave enough, you have to try hot pink. Also, it is very easy to use. Just wash and you are ready to go!

Undercut Pixie with Shaved Lines

If you are into trying something new, an undercut pixie with shaved lines is waiting for you. It is a very cool, different, and a little bit crazy haircut. Separate the top portion of your hair, then shave the rest about number 5. Then, draw lines with the number 0, and voila! It looks so cool daily but also can look very elegant on special days. If you want to make it even cooler, you may try different color in the top portion of the hair. Combine this model with big hoops, you won’t regret it…

Curly Bob with Highlights

Curly bob with highlights is a classic but still looks different. If you want it more voluminous you may cut your hair higher than the chin length. If you want to get away from the classic vibes of bob cut, get highlights in different colors. Magenta, purple, even blue, or green will make a huge difference in your vibe. It will look natural somehow. Also, curly bob is best friend with hair accessories. Get yourself hair rings, headbands, and cute hairpins. Let’s try!

Braided Bun

Braided is a very elegant-looking hairstyle especially for weddings, parties, etc. We recommend you use a spray to make it easier to reach curls. Start to braid from the forehead till the ends. Continue to do a couple of braids this way. Then, connect all the braids at one and make it a bun. Thanks to the bobby pins attach them to your head. You may need some hair spray to get rid of the fizziness of the braids. Then you are ready to go!

Does dark skin look better with dark or light hair colors?

There is not such a rule like that. If you like the dark color or light color on yourself, then it is perfect for you. It only depends on your style and the vibe.

Which short haircut is the best for black women?

The pixie haircut is the best for black women. It makes everything easier to live with kinky hair. Also, looks very cool and elegant.

Which hairstyle is the best for black women on special occasions?

The natural hair of black women looks like a successful hairdresser’s masterpiece. If they go without any touch of their hair, they will still look gorgeous. Besides, a braided bun is a perfect hairstyle for special occasions.


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