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Red Hair, From ginger to jewel tones is always a bold choice. And while that’s a big change few experts predict we’ll see it as the top trend in 2019. Next time you feel like a big change Show Your Colour Expert one of these gorgeous threads. In Hollywood both redhead Anne Hathaway has never been a hot look in the trailer for modern Love and Zoey Deutch makes the shoemaker politician’s hair with shades of poppy mulled wine and peaches stained and flared online on Instagram.

Red Hair

Short Hair, If changing leaves inspire you look no further to move on to the fiery side. We spoke to some of the top celebrity colorists about the best hair colors to consider regardless of skin tone.

Red Hair Color Shade Ideas for 2019

Short Haircuts, Some general advice soft peaches and cinnamon looks great on pale skin deep violets and cranberries complement deep skin and zendaya esque rubies and coppersmiths look great for everyone. Scroll down for some inspo and be prepared to make an appointment.

Best Red Hair Color Ideas for 2019

Thankfully I’ve researched 15 of the most beautiful shades of to flatten almost every skin and texture so you can have all the inspo you need to reach your colour expert when you make an appointment. Which clue should be right now.

Red Hair Care, Tips, Dye, Celebrities 

Have you ever thought about dying your hair? Maybe you were a redhead when you were a kid or maybe you always liked hair. Is a high impact color that immediately attracts attention! So if you prefer a hair color shade get ready to turn heads!

Best Red Hair Color Ideas

To help you decide the right hair color for you here are some great options along with tips to go red from Matrix professionals. Are you thinking of dyeing your hair? You have come to the right place.

Shades of Red Hair

Because even if you already know that there is an abundance of shade options on the spectrum think copper ginger auburn burgundy you might not know which shade will actually look good on you.

Most Popular Red Hair Color Shade

If you saw Zendaya’s hair on the Emmys carpet and screamed you’re not alone. Her hair had previously been such a perfect shade of her natural brown copper half Internet seriously considering her salon visit. Z isn’t the only one to go red last month or shadow is definitely having a moment.


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