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20 Most Popular Short Haircuts for Teenage Girls

Short haircuts should fit the people’s style who wear them. Dynamic and charming haircuts are the trend nowadays. We listed the 20 most popular short haircuts for teenage girls, see:

Popular Short Bob Haircuts

Short hair is more preferable for teenage girls. Time-saving is important in order to do hair. Also, bob cuts always arrangeable for any face shape.

  1. Bob haircut with bangs: Classic short bob haircut fits with round faces. It gives a younger and fresh look. If you want to add some volume to your hair you can use a bang.
  2. Pointy short bob: If you are having trouble whether a very short or long hair, give it a shot. The medium-length bob will look even better with highlights. It works well with fine hair.
  3. Bob with side-swept bangs: Perhaps it is the most untimely and elegant short haircut. It goes well with ashy blonde tones, also suitable for thick hairs, too. If you prefer to use it with side-swept bangs, it will give a stylish look.
  4. Curly bob: Well, gather here curly and wavy hair girls! This short bob will absolutely look good on you. It both gives a cute and charming look. If you are looking for short haircuts for teenage girls, it is a must-try model.
  5. Soft wave bob: Soft wave bob ends above the shoulders. It is both romantic and a soft haircut. When it combines with peachy-pink makeup, an adorable look shows up.
  6. Basic bob with side fringe: This haircut works well with thick hair. It is more suitable for straight hair. Also, it is preferred to cover the round face.
  7. Thin bob with heavy bangs: The thin bob works better with fine hair. Because of this haircut’s nature, it wants fine hair and a sleeky look. Heavy bangs also may create an emo look.
  8. Choppy bob with thin bangs: Choppy bob cuts work better with thin hair. It creates an effort-free look. You look both beautiful and cool…

Popular Pixie Haircuts

Pixies are always used both for a cute and extravaganza look. Pixies are among the most popular short haircuts for teenage girls. It is never old-fashioned.

  1. Normal pixie: A regular pixie works with fine hair better. Adding a little movement on the front of the hair will look amazing.
  2. Rainbow pixie dust: We all know pixie is already an attractive haircut. Well, when it combined with rainbow colours becomes even great!
  3. Tousled pixie: This type of pixie consists of shaggy ends and tousled layers. It is suitable for cover the round faces.
  4. Random layers: Random layers combine with pixie in this haircut. It looks amazing with fine bangs.
  5. Hollywood Pixie: Regular pixie combine with highlights and lowlights in this haircut.
  6. Messy Pixie: Due to it is a messy model, it is really easy to manage and shape. The look depends on a person’s style, it could be masculine or feminine.

Coloured Short Haircuts

  1. Cotton candy lob: The short lob haircut is between a pixie and a bob. It looks amazing when it is combined with cotton candy tones.
  2. Short cut with a fringe: It is a short rounded cut combined with fringe. The haircut looks adorable with baby blue and saxe tones.
  3. Rainbow fringe: The haircut consists of a really short pixie and the fringes on the front. The rainbow colour on the fringe gives the person an extravaganza look.
  4. Short cut with lowlights: The lowlights can be applied to any short hairstyle. Lowlights give the hair a deeper appearance. It will look amazing with the matched make up.
  5. Transitive pink bob: The chin-length bob with thin hair will look amazing on the teenage girl. This haircut can be applied transitive pink from the root of the hair. When it combines with blonde tones, it creates a soft look.
  6. Short hair with flirty purple: The layered short haircut ends at the level of the cheek. This haircut fits better with fine hair. If it is meet with ashy purple tones will create an amazing look.

What is the most popular haircuts for teen girls 2021?

The short bob haircuts and light bangs are back. Also, staring colours such as purple, ginger and red are in trend, too.

What is the most popular haircut for a teenage girl?

Asymmetrical bobs and pixies are still in fashion. Moreover, short bob cuts are always fashionable. The short bobs still count as the most popular short haircuts for teenage girls.

How do I know If I look good with short hair?

Short haircuts are arrangeable to any face shape normally… However, it is known that the distance between the ear and the chin should be short horizontally.


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