Layered Bob Hairstyles for Over 30 – See How to Style Them!

























Layered Bob Hairstyles for Over 30 – See How to Style Them!

Bob’s haircut is just perfect itself but a layered bob adds dimension to it. If you are over 30 with a layered bob cut, it is normal to confuse about styling your hair. You may want to try new colors, new styles on daily or different special occasions… If someone tells you that “you are too old for this” you are free to kick them. However, if you wonder about the hairstyles for layered bob; don’t move. Just check the layered bob hairstyles for over 30. Then, see how to style them!

Try the Headbands

If you think the headbands are left in the past, you are very wrong. It was very popular back in the ‘90s, but it is still widely used. Also, it will give a retro vibe and looks very charming with floral dresses. Also, you will add a new thing to your style. Headbands are usually very cheap that you can buy plenty of them at once. Besides the solid colors, you may also try them with polka dots, floral, or stripes. Let’s try the headbands, you won’t regret it!

Dutch Braid Crown

On birthdays, wedding parties, or even at your own wedding Dutch braid crown is the savior. It is a very romantic hairstyle so make sure to combine them with floral or romantic dresses. Also, it is not as complicated to do as it sounds. Take enough portion of hair for the braid. Then do the Dutch braid from one side of your head to the other. For finishing, attach the braid with bobby pins. You may leave the rest of the hair as natural or double the waves. Spray some setting hair spray and ready to go!

Half Updo with Hair Pins

There are different kinds of hairpins everywhere and most of them are affordable. You can get yourself them with pearls, flowers, or geometrical shapes. Half updo with hairpins can look sometimes chicer than a neat bun. According to the type of hairpin, you may use this hairstyle daily or on special occasions. The layers will do their job as being voluminous, but you can add more waves with a curler. It’s easy and effective.

Blonde Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

There is a certain blonde tone that suits you perfectly yourself. If you find the right one for you get the blonde bob with side-swept bangs right away. This specific hairstyle makes you look like that you jump out of films. It is very cute and sexy at the same time. Side-swept bangs can be all mixed up some morning, but it is easy to fix. Take the hairdryer to your bangs which side they belong. If you want to emphasize the layers, you may use a mousse after the shower. Then, you are ready to go.

Silver Messy Updo

A silver messy updo has all the recent trends in it. Silver is a very popular hair color nowadays. Also, effortless hairstyles such as messy updo are on top. Combining them will double your coolness. You have to bleach your hair to 10 at first; then dye it with silver. You should have plenty of bobby pins to attach the hair. For keeping the messiness, you don’t have to use a hair spray. This model is suitable for special occasions but you can use it daily as well.

Beachy Layered Bob

Beachy layered bob is just perfect for the summer days and nights. This hairstyle goes better with blonde and light brown. Even, adding some highlights would be perfect. You can get the beachy look in very easy steps. Wash your hair and put in a generous amount of leave-in hair conditioner. Then, dry your hair a little bit. Use some sea salt spray for the texture and don’t dry it later. You can also spray glossy hair spray to increase the wetness if you want. You are ready to rock!

What is the best haircut for a 30-year-old woman?

A layered bob is the best haircut for a woman at the age of 30 or over. Bob cut is just perfect for almost everyone. Layered bob has a little touch and volume effect you need.

Does a bob cut short hair make you look younger?

Yes, a bob cut short hair makes you look younger if you get the right bob. For instance, with thin hair, it is recommended to have a layered bob. For the thick hair, the blunt bob is perfect. If you have a very round face you may think twice.

Is 30 too old for bangs with short hair?

It is never too old for the bangs. Bangs are the natural accessories of the hair and there are plenty of styles. You can try and find the one that fits you.


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