+15 Trendiest Ways to Wear Long Curtain Bangs-According to Stylists


1. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

2. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

3. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

4. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

5. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

6. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

7. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

8. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

9. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

10. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

11. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

12. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

13. how-to-style-long-curtain-bangs

+15 Trendiest Ways to Wear Long Curtain Bangs-According to Stylists

A ’80s-inspired look is possible with long curtain bangs. The style can be swept back or parted in the center. It can be styled in a side part or worn in a bun for a polished look. Its versatility makes it an easy cut to work with, and it can be extremely customizable. To create this look, visit a hair salon, and take some reference photos with you.

The beauty of curtain bangs is that they can be worn in many ways and are very easy to style. Often, they are pulled back into a ponytail and secured with headbands or bobby pins. Unlike traditional lob haircuts, they require minimal maintenance. Curtain bangs grow seamlessly and become a soft face frame. However, they do require trimming every six to eight weeks.

To style curtain bangs, you can either chop them or angle them to add movement to your hair. For the best effect, keep them blunt compared to the rest of your hair and make sure they meet naturally on the sides. Then, add a little bit of salt spray to add texture. You are now ready for a night out! Once you’ve achieved the perfect look, you can go out with the confidence that you gained from your new style!

With a medium-length hairstyle, long curtain bangs can be styled in a variety of ways. The simplest and quickest of these styles is to create a centre part. A middle part is an excellent option as it tames the fringe while giving a sleek, polished appearance to the face. Whether you want your bangs to be swept back or left out to add movement, a middle part will give your hair the sexiest look…

How to Style Long Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

How to Style Long Curtain Bangs, If you want to add length to your bangs, you can choose a long pixie cut. It looks flattering with a pointed center fringe framing your face at both sides. You can style your bangs with a salt spray for added texture. For a more dramatic look, consider a cranberry colored hairstyle. To get the perfect style, use a round brush to brush your fringe straight.


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