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Friends vs How I Met Your Mother: Iconic Short Hairstyles

Friends and How I Met Your Mother are compared to each other all the time. Both are iconic sitcoms about a group of friends how they got to learn about life together. However, we will only compare the leading roles’ iconic short hairstyles. Welcome to the Friends vs HIMYM iconic short hair battle!

HIMYM: Lily Aldrin’s Hair Evolution

Like the characters of the leading roles, our perception of beauty also changes over the years. Let’s take a closer look at Lily’s haircuts.

Season one: choppy and chin length haircut

Alyson Hannigan is the leading role that gives life to Lily Aldrin… Fans who watched the show were absolutely in love with her ginger hair. In season one, we saw Lily with choppy and chin length hair. If you tend to give yourself a fresh haircut, try this. Lily’s bright and ginger hairs correspond to both a teacher and a feminine look. We saw her during the show in both cute casual clothes and stylish blouses. The choppy and chin length haircut looks nice with green eyes, also.

Season six: curly and red again

In earlier seasons we saw Lily with lots of different hairstyles and colors. In season six, they decided to turn the character back to red hair. Lily’s hair was usually in collarbone length and used with wavy. In this season, Lily highlighted her hair with ginger and red tones. Also, her plump curls drew attention, too. If you are a fan of ginger tones and wavy curls, try this iconic short hairstyle…

HIMYM: Robin Scherbatsky’s Hair Evolution

Robin has always been at the forefront of her natural beauty in the show. Let’s look at the hairstyles that add beauty to her beauty:

Season three: layered curly short hair

Cobie Smulders is no doubt the best choice for the character of Robin Scherbatsky. Her hair was changed towards the seasons, too. In season three, we saw Robin with cute layered curly hair. Her hair’s most long layer is in her collarbone level. Also, she used a shadowy bang that swept both sides. When this cute haircut was blended with brown hair, gave her a youthful look. If you have already curly hair, with a few touches you can seem adorable as Robin does.

Season seven: choppy shoulder length layered short hair

Season seven was different from the others in terms of Robin’s hair evolution. It was the first time we saw Robin with choppy layered short hair. The layers ended at her shoulder, and she used a side swept bang. When Robin’s brown hair meets with light brown highlights, she even looks more beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you like which sitcoms most. In the Friends vs How I Met Your Mother discussion, you will find the iconic short hairstyle for you.

We have examined the HIMYM characters’ short hair styles during the seasons. Let’s move with Friends’ short hairstyles, and you make a decision.

Friends: Rachel Green’s Hair Evolution

The iconic show, iconic hairstyles! Here’s Rachel’s hair evolution:

Feathered layered short hair

Jennifer Aniston has an unalterable place in the audience’s heart as Rachel Green. Perhaps, it was the first time a sitcom character leads the masses to have a haircut. Even though the actresses said that she hated this choppy layered hair, it was looking good on her. The layers ended above the shoulder and the bangs ended with the cheeks. This choppy haircut became more remarkable with the blonde highlights.

Shaggy bob

The choppy hair turned into a shaggy bob eventually. The layers reduced and the bangs vanished. Rachel Green’s this iconic hair became more adorable with ashy blonde highlights. If you want to try an ashy color, you can gain inspiration from Rachel. When ashy highlights meet with shaggy bob, gives the person a romantic and soft look.

Short bob hairstyle with bangs

Rachel’s short bob haircut definitely gave her a mature look. If you seek a mature and elegant look, this haircut will suit you. We see this short bob haircut with a few bangs and blonde highlights. The iconic bobs never get old fashioned, you can give it a try.

Friends: Monica Geller’s Hair Evolution

Even though Monica was afraid to make changes, she tried many hairstyles. We can do it, too.

90s bob

Courteney Cox with her beautiful blue eyes made Monica Geller a legend. We see Monica with a layered 90s bob hairstyle. In considering Monica’s control-maniac character, this haircut looks fabulous! If you have a face shape like Monica, you can give it a try. The layers ended at chin level and emphasize the face.

The short shag

It is a haircut with a fluffy top and a calmer and flatter bottom. It gives a sexy look when combined with thin-cut bangs. If you can’t decide what to do with your black hair, we suggest you give this cut a shot.

What is the most popular short haircut?

In considering the HIMYM and Friends’ iconic short hairstyles, bobs still popular. Layered short hairstyles and bobs used every time. Besides them, pixies and pixie bobs are in high demand nowadays.

Does short hair makes you look older or younger?

It depends. Short shaggy hairstyles are may make look you older. However, pixies and short bobs with bangs are definitely made look you younger.

We are come to end in Friends and HIMYM’s iconic short hairstyles comparison. If you want to try the iconic haircuts, ask your hairdresser to help.


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