15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair


1. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

2. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

3. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

4. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

5. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

6. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

7. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

8. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

9. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

10. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

11. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

12. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

13. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

14. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

15. cute-curly-pixie-cut-ideas-for-girls-with-curly-hair

15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair

15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair, If you have curly hair, a pixie cut is an excellent choice. This short cut can be achieved with various color and style choices. Learn which color suits your face shape and style your pixie hair to achieve a perfect look. If you’re not sure about your current hairstyle, consider a reference photo to show your stylist. Pixie cuts tend to look curlier while wet, but the weight of extra length will make the hair appear shorter once dry. You will need trims 4-6 times a week to keep it in shape.

How to Style Pixie Short Curly Hair

Styles for pixie curly hair

15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair, There are countless styles for pixie short curly hair to choose from. While many naturalistas swear by long, voluminous layers, short bobs, and other variations, there is no single style that will suit every curly girl. Instead, consider experimenting with different types of short cuts to find the look that works best for your personality and your hair type. Here are some ideas for styling your pixie short curly hair:

One of the most versatile pixie short curly hairstyles is the choppy, layered pixie cut. This pixie style is easy to maintain and offers a feminine vibe. A curly pixie cut is an intriguing play on shadow roots. The lower part of the pixie is left brunette, while the top is dyed a silver gray with blue undertones. To add to this pixie styles, use mousse to keep it in place…

15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair Colors to try

15 Cute Curly Pixie Cut Ideas for Girls with Curly Hair, The pixie cut is both cute and edgy, and the colors you choose can reflect either one. A feminine rose gold shade looks lovely with a bold undercut and long choppy layers. Light brown with balayage looks softer than a light blonde, while a romantic long side bang adds a touch of beauty. If you’d like to take this short cut to the next level, try a cool color.

If you’ve always wanted to change up your hairstyle, try changing the color of your pixie. A choppy pixie style has a boyish vibe, while a layered pixie is a little girly. A curly pixie is a play on shadow roots. The lower section of your hair is left in brunette while the top is silver gray with blue undertones. To keep the cut in place, use mousse or a styling product that helps keep your pixie in place.

Face shapes

Pixie cuts can look very cute on women with many different face shapes, from squares to long, rounded faces. This type of cut can also be used to balance out a long face, while showcasing a long jawline. In addition, it’s possible to switch up the look by adding long, thick side-swept bangs or a wavy bob. For those with long faces, a pixie cut can work wonderfully, as does a bowl cut, though curlier hair will need to be straightened and thinned.

A pixie cut is especially flattering on round faces, as it doesn’t make the face look wider than it actually is. The shorter length of the hair makes it easier to create extra volume at the crown of the head. A pixie cut is also ideal for people with thin hair, as it visually cuts the width of the face. A pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs is especially flattering for women with round faces, and it will help balance out an oval-shaped face.

How to achieve

If you’ve ever wanted to rock a pixie short cut, there are several tips to make it look its best. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to use a volumizing mousse. Alternatively, a tight, curly pixie can also be achieved by using a styling spray or a hair dryer with a low setting. Make sure to moisturize your hair regularly, and consider using a hair mask once a week.

If you’re naturally afro-textured, a pixie cut can be the perfect way to achieve this look. While it can be tricky to achieve, it can look fantastic on short, curly hair. Aside from giving you the ability to contour your TWA, it also adds curves to the sides. If you have thicker hair, you can opt for a pixie cut with a long bang.


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