Coolest Short Layered Haircuts Thick Hair




































Coolest Short Layered Haircuts Thick Hair 

If you have thick hair, you can get a perfect look with a few small touches. The layered short haircuts preferred by thick hair will give you a cool look… Thick hair gives a heavy feel to the person when used with long cuts. Therefore, we have compiled the coolest short layered haircuts that will make you look stylish and comfortable.

Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair

  1. Wispy pixie cut: Gives a smoother and softer appearance to thick hair. As the layers change gradually, it gently wraps around the face. It creates a young and stylish image.
  2. Long feathered pixie cut: The cut, which is slightly longer than the regular pixie, adds movement to the face with its layers. It is more comfortable to use on straight and wavy hair. It creates a magnificent image with ashy auburn tones.
  3. Messy undercut pixie bob cut: The cut obtained with gradual layers is more suitable for wavy hair. It gives an elegant and sexy look with its short appearance. Provides a younger image with highlights.
  4. Feathered pixie with tousled layers: The layers are usually gathered on the top of the head, hairs of the neck are shorter. It is a comfortable and effortless cut, giving a cool look with gray hair.
  5. Shaggy pixie cut: This model is shorter compared to other cuts, gives the person a cool look with its layers. It is generally preferred for middle age.
  6. Choppy pixie cut: It is known as the edgier version of the pixie. It captures a cool look with brown, yellow, and gray tones. It is very easy to use.
  7. Long hairy shaggy pixie cut: The layers are more aligned than the other parts. Recommended for wavy and straight hair. In the cut preferred with short bangs, the longest hair is usually at the back of the neck.

Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

  1. Feated stacked bob cuther: The cut, which is generally preferred by straight hair, gives a voluminous appearance by layers. Since it is an effortless cut, it saves time both in daily life and on special occasions.
  2. Chic short angled bob cut: The layers extend from the back to the front. The hair, which has great harmony with auburn tones, can also be used with bangs. It is a suitable cut for every hair type.
  3. Textured short bob cut: It gives a cool look to both straight and curly hair. The layers are not as pronounced as the other cuts. It is a frequently preferred cut with an unbearable look.
  4. Fancy sliced pixie bob cut: The layers are not as frequent as the other haircuts. Suitable for use with bangs, the cut is suggested for straight hair.
  5. Layered bob cut: The wavy layered haircut is ideal for controlling thick hair. It is an indispensable hairstyle if it is compatible with your face type. It is easy to use and effortless to shape.
  6. Short blunt bob with long bangs: Perfect for straight hair, the cut keeps thick hair in control. The longest cut should be at chin level, giving it a youthful look with its layered bangs.
  7. Inverted shaggy bob cut: The cut that adds beauty to each hair color is suitable for thick hair. The layers extend from the back to the front and the longest layer should not exceed the collarbone.
  8. Inverted bob cut: The layers usually start from the top of the ear and extend to the chin. Recommended for straight and wavy hair. It gives the person a young and cool look.

Tips for Short Layered Haircuts for Thick Hair

Although short hair is comfortable to care for, if your hair is thick, you need to pay more attention.

  • You have to choose the right product to give your hair the necessary moisture.
  • You should dry your hair with a cotton towel and avoid high heat.
  • You should regularly remove the breaks in your hair.

Which Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair and Round Face Easier to Shape?

Pixie and bob haircuts are the coolest short layered haircuts both comfortable to style and work well with round faces. Taking control of thick hair, these two haircuts give you a youthful and cool look. At the same time, it surrounds your face and gives a longer and edgier appearance.


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