Coolest Easy to Do Short Hairstyles for Special Days

















Coolest Easy to Do Short Hairstyles for Special Days

Coolest Easy to Do Short Hairstyles for Special Days, You may think that with short hair there are not so many styles to do on special days. We are here to prove to you that you are wrong. There are so many hairstyles that you can do it by yourself easily for special occasions. Get your brushes, hair sprays, and hairpins on your hand! Whenever you are ready check out the coolest easy-to-do short hairstyles for special days!

Bob with Texture

Without any doubt, the bob cut looks very cool and elegant on almost everyone. Having a bob with texture makes that coolness double. You can emphasize the volume by curling your hair then shake your head down to up. Then, use some leave-in hair conditioner or a sea salt spray to emphasize your curls. You will have that elegant look in just 5 minutes! At that time, everyone thinks you spent all day in a hair salon.

Smooth and Sleek Chignon

Since you have short hair it doesn’t mean that you can’t tie your hair. You can do a smooth and sleek chignon in a very short time and it looks so chic. Use a hair spray and brush your hair to the bottom of your head. Then you can do a small bun or just tie it with hairpins. This model looks so good with almost every clothes and makeup.

Wet Look Bob

Recently, wet hair looks so popular as if you get out of the sea in a second. Wet look bob is very simple to do but looks very cool and fresh. Especially in summer events, you should try this. Get out of the shower and apply a generous amount of gel and conditioner to your hair. Then dry it by avoiding to straighten. For the final touch, spray some gloss spray to emphasize the wetness. Voila!

Messy Pixie

Who told pixie cuts cannot be chic enough? You are here to embarrass them with your messy pixie. They are ready to rock the events from the beginning. Just wash your hair and dry it. Then you are ready to apply some wax and mix it with your hands. You are ready in 30 seconds. You can spend the other hours with your other stuff now!

Blunt End Bob

It is totally fine to use straight hair for special occasions. Also, it is an advantage because it looks good with most of the dresses. Blunt end bob looks chic and classic if you want it so. After the shower dry your hair with a blow dryer. Then if you want so you can apply some dry oil or protection crème from the heat. Then by blow dryer or a flat iron straighten up your hair. Here you are with that sleek hair to rock the parties!

Beach Waved Lob

In the summer occasions such as beach weddings, pool-side birthday parties the effortless looks are on top. Beachy waved lob is just the right for these occasions. It is so easy to do but will so look good with flowered dresses. After the shower dry your hair. The with a curling iron curl your hair but the waves should be wider. You can loosen it a little afterward. For the final touch, you can either use a hair spray or a sea salt spray. You are ready to go!

Braided on One Side

Braids are the saviors of the day and make every hair look prettier. Braided on one side is a charming and young model for special occasions. You may whether do a neat or loosen braid on one side. Then you can straighten or curl the other side of the hair. That’s all!


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