Collected Hair and Chignon for Summer 2023

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

What are the ideal hairstyles for summer? Some ideas for collected hair and chignon for summer 2023

Like every year these days, we are preparing to face the heat with practical and cheeky hairstyles. Collected hair and buns are re-proposed for this summer in practical and irresistible variants.

The timeless bob and bold pixie cuts are all the rage among the trends of the moment, but those who can’t give up on lengths can choose season-friendly and super-elegant hairstyles.

Between collected hair and chignon there are endless hairstyle possibilities, but this summer the world-famous hairstylists have selected the 4 who win the podium among the trends of the moment.

Let’s see how to do it now!

High semi-harvest for summer 2023

Do you remember the beautiful semi-harvest that marked last summer? After the great success it returns this year in a new version, ready to make you shine in all your beauty.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is suitable for both medium-long and very long hair.
It works perfectly with both straight and curly hair and the effect is really wow. And then it is very simple to make.

Part very close to the forehead, and tie the side strands into a small, very tight ponytail to create a very high and perfect hairstyle for any occasion: from the more casual ones to formal evenings where you need to have a refined hairstyle.

Wet effect collected hair

The wet effect made its way with arrogance this year, invading the hearts of many models and VIPs.

We also saw it sported by Elodie at the Sanremo Festival and it is a hairstyle that has been so successful that it has earned a place at the top of this year’s trend list and finds its most fertile ground in the summer.

How is it accomplished?

Very simple. Take advantage of the hair wash. Comb and dry them by dabbing them with a towel, being careful not to use a hair dryer. They need to be damp to be able to arrange them properly by tying them with elastic bands and hairpins to choose according to your hair color so as to make them seem invisible.

To make everything easier and to fix the hairstyle, you can use gels or moisturizing hair products. We advise you to focus on Made in Italy or professional products that do not damage or dry your hair.

The Messy Bun to show off this summer

It’s true, since the Messy Bun was born, it has never ceased to be among the top hairstyles, especially in summer. To show it off again this year, he points his head down and tie them creating a high ponytail.

Feel free to return your head to its natural position and start by giving volume to the lengths of your hair with a brush, a bit like you want to backcomb them.

Roll the ponytail into a bun and tie another elastic band around the base of the ponytail.
At this point arm yourself with bobby pins to make sure the hairstyle holds.

As a last step, use a comb to release a few strands to let fall to the sides of the face and create a “disheveled” effect on the bun as well.

Very cute and super trendy.

And finally there’s him… the king of hot season hairstyles: the Ballerina Chignon.

Chignon 2023: super tight and super refined

The basic procedure is like that of the Messy bun skipping the backcombing and the disheveled effect.

Flip upside down to create a high ponytail. Help yourself with the comb already in this phase to carefully collect all the hair.
When you’re ready, go back with your head held high and look in the mirror to create a very tight bun and fix it well with the help of rubber bands and bobby pins to make it disappear from view.

Again, we advise you to choose the accessories of the same color as your hair. This will help a lot to hide them in the hairstyle.

In fact, this year the chignon worn by internationally renowned models such as Bella and Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber is classic, with a central line and absolutely clean, without even a hair out of place.

Breathtaking elegance.

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