Chic Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Over 50 – Best Ones!





























Chic Short Hairstyles for Plus Size Over 50 – Best Ones!

Weight and age are only numbers and don’t let them control your life. Being plus size or over the age of 50 is not a barrier. Don’t try to fit in the limits that someone put for you without even have your opinion… If you want to get yourself a great haircut to hide your age and weight; it’s also fine. However, if you don’t believe that you can do it with a short hairstyle; you are wrong. We are here to guide you through the adventure of choosing a hairstyle. Let’s check out the chic short hairstyles for plus sizes over 50. They are the best ones!

Long Bob Also Known as Lob

Long bob which is also known as lob is an all-time favorite hairstyle. The lob is just perfect for almost any age and size. If you don’t want to go any shorter, it is just right for you. It also looks good with bangs or layers if you want to have them. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair it will look great anyways. It is also great to cover for chubby faces if you want to hide a little. Long for the ones who sit in their comfort zone.

Graduated Bob

Bob is a total classic, we all know that. However, a graduated bob adds an extra dimension to the hair. Makes you look younger and even thinner. The beauty of your face will be revealed with this hairstyle. You may prefer to use this style with wavy hair. You can add some loose waves with an iron curler and get the voluminous effect you need. Also, this hairstyle goes well with red tones if want to give it a chance. Maybe you may have some highlights also. Just think about it.

Basic Pixie with Side Bangs

Having different hairstyles is the key to the youth. A basic pixie with side bangs will be your signature. If you want something new, you may try crazy colors such as purple, pink, blue, etc. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that is not for your age. It doesn’t matter at all. This hairstyle goes best with straight and wavy hair types. The side bangs are the solution if you want to hide your chubby face and still look amazing. This hairstyle will refresh your vibe immediately.

Natural Short Shag

If you are in peace with the natural whites in your hair, it is a very valuable thing. We all respect your outstanding of your decisions. Also, we all know that natural short shag is just for you. The light messiness of the hairstyle will double your coolness. Also, the hairstyle has its voluminous effect in its nature. So that, you don’t need to put extra effort into it. This will leave behind what you want to hide. Also, make you shine bright with your beautiful white hair.

Chain Length Sleek Bob

Chain length sleek bob is a classic model for sure. However, it is a model that gives cool and youthful energy to the woman. You can use it straight, curly, or wavy. Either way, this model will look just perfect. It is a very chic and elegant-looking hairstyle that you can use on special occasions. Even, without doing anything extra. You can crown this model with some highlights as well. This hairstyle is also perfect for hiding the jowl. Why don’t you give it one chance?

Undercut Pixie with Highlights

Please remember that the pixies are the key to the youth vibe. Undercut pixie with highlights will take this vibe to another level. Your age is acceptable for trying new hairstyles or new hair colors. The undercut portion makes you the coolest even teenagers will admire your wide vision. Adding highlights to any color you dyed will multiply the coolness you have got. Also, you may want to try different colors in your undercut portion. Believe us, everyone will look twice at you!

What short hairstyle is best for plus-size women?

For plus-size women, pixies are the best since you got the attention directly to your hair. If you don’t want to go that much shorter, bob cuts are also very great. Also, if you want to hide the chubbiness of your face you may try side or curtain bangs.

What is the best hairstyle for women over 50?

Bob cut is the best hairstyle for women over 50. It is riskless and safe but it will still give you the youth and cool energy you deserve.

Which hairstyle you shouldn’t have after the age of 50?

You should give up on long hair after the age of 50. Long hair is not fresh and looks sloppy most of the time. You deserve better than that.


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