15 Best Boys Haircuts – Hairstyles In 2022


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15 Best Boys Haircuts – Hairstyles In 2022

Boys haircuts should look good on both boys and girls. For school, boys must have appropriate hairstyles. A boy with thick, un-shaped curls will be distracted by the heavy texture, and his hair may get in his face. So, boys should choose short hairstyles. You can also consider a classic boy cut. The following are some ideas for boy haircuts. You may be surprised by which one you like best.

Boys Haircuts – Short haircuts

One of the most popular short cuts for boys is the crew cut. While this can be a good choice for boys with thin hair, there are some drawbacks to this style as well. This short haircut does not provide much length and may look unkempt at times. It also tends to be too short for younger boys, who need room to grow. Listed below are some pros and cons of this style. You can try this haircut for your kid at home.

Side part

The side part of a boys haircut can be a modern twist on a classic medium style. Some barbers say sweeping the top of the hair to the side will transform a boy into a man. Whether your hair is long or short, you can easily achieve a side part by visiting a hair stylist. Here are some examples of side parts.

Classic boy haircut

A classic boy haircut is a popular hairstyle for boys. This style involves shaving the hair short and cutting it with razor blades. The short hair is then brushed up into a bang on the front. The haircut is usually completed with clipper blades and accessories. For the perfect finish, try adding a side part to add flair. To achieve this look, visit a barber and ask for a style that resembles the boy’s appearance…

Side part with waves

The side part hairstyle is a popular choice for men with naturally wavy hair. The sides are parted at the mid-nape and swept behind the ear. The side of the hair is smooth and falls over the eye. You can add some volume and texture by shaking it with your fingers. A side part is an excellent choice for men who want to look cool but do not want to spend too much time styling their hair.

Longer hairstyles

Longer hairstyles are very popular among boys of all ages. Boys’ longer locks offer a unique style and can help boys express their individuality. These styles can be worn by boys of all hair types and don’t require a great deal of maintenance. Here are some tips for boys who want to grow their locks out.


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