Bob Gray Hair Ideas 2021- Stylish and Modern


Bob Gray Hair Ideas 2021- Stylish and Modern

We all know that two things never get old: bobs and gray hair color! If you want to try something new with your hair, there are bob gray hair ideas, stylish and modern.

  • Subtle lavender undertones: You should add some subtle lavender undertones to your regular gray bob. It is stylish, modern, and amazing! Purple tones and gray creates a magnificent harmony together. You should give it a shot.
  • Gray bob with money pieces: Adding some bright money pieces to your gray hair, you will look fantastic. Money pieces are in trend right now, they create a stylish and modern appearance.
  • Layered gray bob: The classic natural gray hair will even look more beautiful with layers. You can also try some balayage and highlights. They gain you a younger look, also elegant and modern.
  • Medium length layered bob: This hairstyle can handle a transitional look. If you have pale black-brown hair, you can break the color a little bit. The dark and light gray highlights on your hair will create a depth look.
  • Natural gray bob with blue ends: Let’s say you want to look stylish but in an unusual way: here’s your true hairstyle! The blue ends will definitely look beautiful on you. We already love the classic gray bob, there is no harm to love blue endings, too.

Bob Gray Hair Ideas for Different Hairs

  • Angled bob for thin hair: The angled bob makes an illusion to your hair looks voluminous. If you match it with a gray tone, a perfect look appears. You can also add some gray highlights and lowlights to your hair. That creates a depth, stylish, and dramatic appearance.
  • Inverted bob for curly hair: One of the best things about an inverted bob, it can arrange to any face shape. Also, the inverted bob is suitable for any age. The harmony of the waves and the gray tone will create a feast for to whom see them.
  • Classic bob for wavy hair: When the voluminous waves combine with silver-gray, the definition of amazing is born. If you have thick wavy hair, you may prefer the ends with razor cutting. It will create a thinner and softer look.
  • Blunt bob for thick hair: The blunt bob cuts are always loved. They are preferable for manage to thick hair, too.

Good Looking Bob Gray Hairstyles

  • The short feathered bob: The short feathered bob is the right choice for those who looking for stylish and modern bob gray hair ideas. If you hesitate to dye your all hair gray, you should give the silver blonde a chance. The silver blonde looks nearly the same as gray hair. You can tell whether gray is going to be your color with baby steps.
  • Thick layered bob with balayage: The layered bob will bring under control your thick hair. You can prefer cool toned balayage in this hairstyle. In this way, you have not to worry about quick-growing roots.
  • Shiny classic bob: If you already have gray hair, go try classic bob. By adding your beautiful gray hair some platinum highlights, you will have a healthier look.
  • Classic bob with purple highlights: Adding some purple highlights to your gray bob will only make you prettier. If you are already brave enough for gray hair, what makes you stop to try purple highlights?
  • Sleek neck-length bob: If you already blessed with sleek hair, the gray will look shiner on you.
  • Short rounded bob: This super elegant cut gives you a vamp look. When it is combined with gray hair, no one can stop you from being so adorable!
  • Rainbow bob on gray hair: If you want to add some fun to your elegant bob, try rainbow colors.
  • Stacked bob: The stacked bob is both simple and sassy. When it is combined with gray hair, gives the person a modern look.

Bob Gray Hairs with Bangs

  • Silver bob with bangs: A classic bob is a good option for ladies who want to try short hair but not a pixie. When the silver’s beauty matched with bob, it creates an amazing style. You can use bob with fine bangs, too.
  • Wavy a-line bob: The a-line bob means your hair is shorter on the back and gradually longer in front. The gray color with gray highlights and lowlights creates an illusion for a voluminous look. This model can also be used with fine bangs.
  • Gray bob with lowlights: Lowlights on gray hair just look amazing! You can give them a shot. Also, this hairstyle can handle a fine bang.
  • Graduated gray bob with bangs: This classy hairstyle is never old-fashioned. The graduated bob makes the person want to run the world! When it is combined with fine bangs, makes you even more stylish.

Is gray hair trendy in 2021?

Well, the gray hair is never being old-fashioned since nearly 2013. Gray hair is the new sexy now. Hairstylists say that the silver-gray tones are the color of the year.

What is the best hairstyle for gray hair?

Bobs are the most preferred haircuts. They both easy to shape and manage also looks gorgeous. Due to bobs are suitable at any age and arrangeable to any face shape, you can try them. The bob haircuts work with gray hair nice, too.

Can gray hair look attractive?

If you have really pale skin, you may prefer to use gray as highlights and lowlights. However, gray hairs are always attractive! Don’t hesitate to have them, you won’t regret it.


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