Best Short Pixie Haircuts That Will Blow Your Mind






























Best Short Pixie Haircuts  That Will Blow Your Mind

Aren’t you bored of the same haircuts over the years? So, it is the perfect time to try a new style of haircut. With a stunning pixie haircut, you will leave a mark on everyone’s mind. You can choose a styles of pixie that will fit you well. Sharp and neat short pixies, a little longer pixie, colorful pixies… There are plenty of options to choose from and make difference. Also, short hair will make you look elegant, younger, and fresh. If you want to learn more, let’s check out the best short pixie haircuts of 2023!

One of the Coolest Pixie: Ear Length Pixie

Ear length pixie is one of the coolest pixie styles. Usually, the ones that want to cover their ears prefer this model. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly this model will fit on you perfectly. Also, if you have straight hair that may look from the stunning ’20s and give you a nostalgic vibe. It is easy to use. Just wash, dry and you are ready to go!

Side-Swept Pixie

If you have a wide forehead or face and if you want to cover it a little you can choose a side-swept pixie. It looks edgy, cool and one hundred percent change the ambiance of yourself. Also if you have dull hair this style will be your solution. This style will make your hair voluminous immediately.

One of the Bravest Model: Close Cut Pixie

Maybe one of the bravest models of pixie haircuts: close-cut pixie. It is neat and masculine. It doesn’t matter if you have straight or curly hair, that will look so good on you. The masculinity of the model will never take away from your sexiness. Besides, your hair will be grown healthier and it is the easiest style to use. Doing your hair will not be a case anymore!

Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical pixie is an all-time classic and mostly preferable pixie style. It is a signature hairstyle and turns everyone into a cooler person. You may also shave one side of your hair and emphasize the asymmetry of your hair and edginess. You may dye your shaved side of your head or you may use bold earrings on your side to intensify your style.

Be Noticed with Short Hawk Pixie

If you want to be noticed when you enter a room, choose the short hawk pixie right now. It is not a hairstyle for everyone but no doubt, it is one of the coolest. Even though it is a very short hairstyle you can do lots of models on your hair. Bright colors look very good with this style. Also, you can dye your shaved parts in different colors to make it even cooler. Besides, most probably the hair waxes will be your best friend with this model.

Wispy Pixie

The masculinity and femininity in the same model with the wispy pixie. You can look so vamp and sexy and at the same time cute and charming. Especially with blond hair, this model looks so perfect. Wispy pixie fits with every clothes, every makeup, and occasion. It is very easy to use, forget the brushes. Also, if you have wavy hair it will be a bonus since you just need to dry hair and ready to go!

Spiky Pixie and How to Use it

Spiky pixie is very popular but may not be everyone’s first choice. It is a messy and masculine model and will look so good on with bony faces. Styling your hair with waxes and gels may take some time while you are getting ready, but worth it!


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