Best Short Hair Styles for Females Over 30

























Best Short Hair Styles for Females Over 30

After the age of 30, everyone will be expecting you to tone down your style. Please, don’t listen to them. You don’t need to have a boring hairstyle just because you are getting age. Short hair will be your best friend on this journey. Also, you can even look fresh and elegant with many of the short hairstyles. If you are confused about what to do about your hair, don’t be panic. Just check out the best short hairstyles for females over 30. Then, you are ready to go!

Colorful Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is my all-time favorite short hairstyle without any doubt. A colorful pixie cut takes the hairstyle to another level. Try the pixie cut with vibrant colors such as green, red, blue, or maybe purple. Pastel colors which can be pale pink, baby blue, etc. also look so great. Your hair will be ready for any kind of occasion at any time. Also, don’t listen to anyone who is told that your age is so old for these colors. They want to steal your light.

Spiral Perm Lob

Spiral perm lob is not just popular in the ’90s, it is still one of the charming hairstyles. Also, it goes well with every hair color, but if you wish you should try ginger color. The perm gives hair a voluminous effect. If you have dull hair you should try this immediately. Also, it is very easy to use. You don’t need to spend hours styling your hair. Just wash it and dry it. You don’t even have to put gel on it. How cool is that?

Half Updo

Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair; you can always try the half updo. A low updo is a classic and you can see it on anyone, but half updo is more energetic. It looks effortless and very cool and looks so good with any of the hair colors. Grab some bobby pins, tie your hair by the two sides in the middle, and that’s it!

Redder the Better

Red is warm, stunning, and very sexy color. Also, it goes very well with short hair and makes it even sexier. It is always redder the better that it will emphasize your femininity. If you have light skin, the red color will extra look good. You don’t even wear make-up every day in that color. However, the red color is drained faster than the other colors. You should dye once in three weeks but it should not be a problem. Every beauty has a flaw.

Dark Ombre Bob

Bob cut is very classic and always a savior, but you can have some changes with it. Especially, dark ombre is everything you need. Don’t go so much blonde on the edges, it will look outmoded. Dark colors will highlight your pretty face and outcome your great energy. Bob is a very easy-to-use model, you can decorate it with some hairpins, or keep it natural. Either way, you’ll look stunning.

Gray Bob with Highlights

If you think gray will look you older, you are wrong; trust us. Gray-colored hair is very popular nowadays. Also, a gray bob with highlights is one of the best options for women over 30. You will look the youngest and the coolest one of all. Keep that in mind, you should wash your hair with purple shampoo once a week… If you don’t the color will be getting warmer. You can curl or straighten your hair. Everything will look so great on you.

Slicked Back

Slicked back short hair always looks very cool and chic. You can use it daily or on special occasions. The only thing you need is a gel or a wax. Put it on your front side of your hair and start to brush to the back. You can go back as much as you want. Also, if you want you can spray some glossy hair spray and get a wet look. It is very popular and looks so fresh especially on summer days.

How should I wear my hair in my 30s?

Even you have naturally straight hair, you should give it waves. Wavy hair looks more fresh and cool. Also, you should try darker colors to put forward your face.

What hairstyle makes a woman look younger?

The only answer is the short hairstyles. Whether it is lob, bob or pixie it doesn’t matter. Short hair always highlights your energy and gives cool vibes to others. Don’t forget; the shorter the younger.


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