Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Combine the two, as he did here, and enjoy a quick shorter hairstyle for the rest of the day. Updos Pinned short hair Updo foster Blue and Teal Fauxhawk for short hair ideas this short hair updo will look great in any color business, but shades of blue really look multidimensional here. The braids allow the colors to mix hypnotitically, while the Blue Gloss Gel gives just one step extra shine. The loose mesh at the top adds height, but ends with knots at the back, giving it an inspired and cool look. Updos for short hair ideas braided Fauxhawk short hair Updo chemicalkellee knotted and braided short hair Updo Edgy is always a good look and there are multiple edgy details for this short hair updo. From Triple knots to the weave leading to them, the overall look is startling and interesting in every respect.