50 Fashionable Curly Hair Updo for Women in 2022 (with Images)

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

Curly hair is more mesmerizing and appealing to most people than straight hair. The waves and curl bents make a woman instantly interesting. But when you search for curly hair updo online, there will be some unrealistic, impractical examples that might be good-looking but are hard to follow.

So, we go in-depth for searching easy, practical, and fashionable updos, and here are the top 50 ones. Start scrolling! Each hairstyle has a short description for your better understanding.

Oh, do you know curly hairstyles are famous among celebrities too? Zendaya, Rihanna, Blake Lively, and AnnaLynne McCord showed up with flawless curly looks. And the hairstyles below are inspired by them too.

1. Textured Curl Updo

A textured curly updo with free curly strands on the neck highlights femininity and glam in a woman’s personality. But make sure that curly waves are defined in an updo to obtain a fresh look.

2. DARK BROWN Bridal Updo

A sleek hairstyle with pinned rolled curls and face-framing layers is oh-so-perfect for a bridal hairstyle. The pomp is the best spice to enhance the golden-face ratio.

3. Twisted Layered HAIR

If someone has short curly hair that can’t be gathered in a hairstyle, then this curly hair updo is best. At each level, twist hair from both sides, uniform them at the back of the head and pin them. A Little hair hanging out from the hairstyle makes it more eye-catching.

4. Kinky Goddess Braids Updo

Low bun kinky hair with the butterfly braid knot and simple beads with braids spread on the bun is a spectacular hairstyle for a dress gala. We recommend using a wig for this hairstyle.

5. Beautiful Falling STYLE on Natural Red Hair

The curly braid with the twisted updo at the lower back of the head looks super gorgeous for any dressing style, either formal, casual, or party wear. The natural red hair color makes it unique.

6. Gorgeous Taut with Strand Bangs

A lower tight updo with defined tendrils is an exquisite hairstyle. Some face-framing hair makes features more enchanting.

7. Messy Bun with Bandana

Type 3 curly hair is the best to rock the messy bun. The addition of a bandana is hot for casual and formal wear.

8. Sweet Curls Wrapped UP with Gypsies

Tousled curls with ribbon in hair when forming a pig bun look cute. The gypsies and flowers around the bun categorize it as the best Asian wedding hairstyle.

9. Blonde Soft Bun with Side Bangs

The wavy curly hair with a low fluffy yet defined side bun is great for celebrating ceremonies. The color shaker beige makes it outstanding.

10. Beach Waves Pomp Updo

A high cranial top hairstyle with face-framing strands and beachy waves in a bun is a spectacular wedding hairstyle. It looks best with traditional south Asian makeup.

11. Dimensional HAIR with Diamond Accent

The curly hair with a volumized ponytail looks cute. The minimally designed jewelry clip at the base of the ponytail is ideal for this kind of hairstyle.

12. Gorgeous Volume Curly Hair Updo

Thick curly waves with a lower updo are irresistible. The wavy strands and brown and blonde highlights make it more dramatic.

13. Pearl Accessories on Low Curly Hair Updo

Korean pearl pins are in fashion. With the tousled hair waves, this makes a killer combination. Try it with a bun and free tendrils for a fancy look.

14. Curly French Twist with Faux Bangs Updo

Only have you seen the sleek french twists? The curly french twist is attention-grabbing too. The long curly hair falling on the forehead creates faux bangs that grab attention to facial features.

15. Stunning Curly Half Up HAIR

Sleek rolled curls and flowy hair is stunning to add glam to any woman’s personality. The twists with the middle part make it best for a triangle face shape.

16. Coiled Messy Bun and Bangs

Ah! Coiled hair in a bun is amazingly breathtaking. Make sure the sides are taut in hairstyle and the bangs are super defined, reaching the eyebrows. It will make the eye center of attention.

17. Bouncy Curly Hair Updo with Highlights

Pomp on the head with tousled waves in a ponytail with free hair at the neck gives a feminine and casual vibe. The blonde highlights make it alluring.

18. Chic and Modern Tight HAIRSTYLE

Tight curly hair with the hair combed backward with some free hair at the neck. Using a hair clip helps you give hair a more defined look.

19. Half Up Half Down HAIR

Rolled curls are best for any event. The braids of half-up hair will give a more managed look. The honey-blonde hair tips will suit warm skin best.

20. Puff Curly Hair Updo with Accent Beads

Puff curly hair updo in which all hair is gathered and a twisted pattern is visible looks cute. The accent beads minimal design hair clip will look best on the base of the updo.

21. Green Faux Hawk Coiled Hair

Hawk hairstyle is loved by many. Pin up all the hair from the sides towards the center. This will also create super manageable curly bangs. The dark emerald hair with maroon ends makes the hair more exciting.

22. Upstyle Texture and Dimension HairSTYLE

The twisted hairstyle with a low bun and face-framing hair is best for any occasion and dressing style. It is good to try on short hair too.

23. Tousled Curly Ends

The defined tousled curls with a bun at the back are a pretty bridal hairstyle. The jewelry clip at the updo base makes it more defined and pretty.

24. Simple Braid Updo

Simple curly hair adds glamor to a woman’s personality when there is a low bun. The braid on the head side with some strands touching the shoulders looks enchanting.

25. Cork Screw Hair Volume Bun

A thick curly updo with face-framing tendrils in curtain bangs style looks super impressive. It is the best everyday hairstyle.

26. Messy Pony Bun with Side Lights

Curly wavy ombre hair is already a gorgeous fashion idea. Tying it in a bun with rich color makeup pairs up the best for a warm skin tone.

27. Side Pinned with Tendrils

Hair pins can never be older. Add pins just above the ear to make hair give your face a slimming effect and a defined hair look. Tendrils in a curly low updo give it a casual look.

28. Blonde Pineapple Curly Updo

Other than afro hair, the pineapple updo can be tried on natural loose curly hair. The updo hair creating faux bangs is best for vacation, party, or beach hairstyle.

29. Elegant Flat Twist HAIRSTYLE

Kinky silk-pressed hair with flat twists is such a great protective and elegant hairstyle. The side updo makes it best for office wear too.

30. Brunette Curly Tucked HAIR

The curly wavy hair with super-defined face-framing layers and low updo looks cute. The blonde highlights make the color best for brunettes.

31. Classic Messy Bun HAIRSTYLE

Want a classy hairstyle at home? Try this low messy bun updo. The free tendrils give it a calming and casual vibe.

32. Ringlets Twisted Tucked Hair

Ringlets are pretty, but an updo idea where all hair is tucked in might not be flattering for this hair type. Not anymore! Try this princess updo with ringlets on the face sides.

33. Volume Curly Updo with Balayage

Want to bring back the classy, hot 90s vibe? Then give your straight hair some big voluminous curls. Gather all hair up to make an updo, and consider making a side-swept bangs hairstyle.

34. Enchanted Updo with Coiled Tendrils

Highly defined wavy curly hair with a big updo on the back of the head gives a tidy hairstyle vibe. You can customize the hair clip style to make it suitable for the place you are going.

35. Braid Side Tousled HAIRSTYLE

The curl hints in straight hair strands with braids at the side with a lower updo look best for the outing. The dimensional highlights make it more appealing.

36. Classy Clean Curly Hair Updo

Aged women can also decently try curly hair updos by making their hair more defined. Gathering all the curly waves at the back, make a loose updo for a youthful look.

37. Mid-Parted Tendrils PONY

This updo idea is best for women who naturally need a high-cranial top. The middle-parted curly hair with bangs suit the oval face shape.

38. Connected Braid Loose Waves Bun

Wavy hair with a side braid and loose wave bun is best for casual outings. The blonde honey highlights are the main thing that makes this hairstyle exciting.

39. Sleek and Small Curly Bun

Curly buns can look manageable. The hydrated, sleek hair waves tied at the back of the head to form a low bun is an excellent hairstyle to avoid a messy look. The butterfly clips surrounding the top base of the bun make it more mesmerizing.

40. Bright Copper Loose HAIRSTYLE

Big loose curls in an updo and face-framing curls are superb to flatter any dressing style. The copper color, which becomes brighter at the ends, is attention-grabbing.

41. Classic Updo of Natural Curly Hair

Black curls pinned in an updo style are an elegant hairstyle to rock any event, occasion, or party. Leaving some out of the updo makes the impression of flowy hair.

42. Lose Braid Pomp HAIRSTYLE

The twisted half-up hair updo with the pinched-out hair on top has a trendy hairstyle vibe. The bright and dark ginger-honey color curls look best with gowns and similar dresses.

43. Cool Soft Curly Low Hair Updo

The curly updos can offer a softer look too. Try big curls on hair with a lower updo that has voluminous curls on top with face-framing hair. You can try it with any glam and formal dress.

44. Twisted and Tuck HairSTYLE

Another hairstyle that can’t go unnoticed is twist and tuck. Twisting some hair at both sides of the head and tucking them at the back looks fantastic. When you reach the nape, gather your hair in a ponytail.

45. Pull Through Curly Updo with Decor

Pull-through ideas are trending on every social media platform. Try the pull-through technique for less hair each time, taking them from both sides. Gather all of them at the nape, make an updo and insert a gypsies clip or natural plant decor.

46. Half Up Pony with Rubber Band Accent

Half up ponytail that has short hair creates the illusion of an updo. The rubber bands in the hair make it a trendy hairstyle.

47. Volume Locs Updo

Locs are sophisticated when managed. And the best way to do this is by creating a voluminous updo. You can do it by crisscrossing some locs each time until you reach the nape of the neck.

48. Quick and Easy Coiled Hair

2c, defined in a curly updo, is a brilliant hairstyle for sophisticated ladies. If the hair is two-toned, it will be more attractive.

49. Jet Black Natural Curl Updo with Tendrils

2b hair waves in a voluminous bun and on the sides increase the face-golden ratio, which makes a lady’s face the center of attention.

50. Super Kinky Braid Bun Updo

The kinky hair is fabulous if a woman knows how to style it. Detangle hair thoroughly, braid on the head side, and bun on the back to look casual and chic.


You have seen the top 50 fashionable updos for women with curly hair in 2022. Whichever hairstyle you choose, ensure your curly is moisturized, hydrated, and tangle-free. These are the factors that ensure curly hair people can rock any hairstyle. Kinky hair will require the most effort.

If you desire a curly hairstyle for special events, visit your stylist with the picture; they better inform the modification according to your personality, face shape, and skin tone.

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