50 Best V Cut Hairstyles for Women Popular in 2023

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

Are you on the search for a new hairstyle for your long hair? Look no further, these beautiful v cut hairstyles are going to look gorgeous on you. After all, this type of haircut looks great on any type of hair it does not matter if you have curly, wavy, straight, thick, or thin hair we will find something here that will be perfect for your next style.

A v-cut hairstyle is a type of haircut that adds multiple different layers to your hair and they all meet perfectly at the bottom in a v shape, hence the name. This style is a great way to add some texture and definition to your hair without having to add any color or extensions, but we do have a look for that if that is something that you are into! Let’s go ahead and take a look at these 50 cool v-cut hair ideas for women.

1. Straight V Cut Hairstyle

This first style is a long and straight look. This would be such a great look for women out there that are tired of the same old style.

2. Wavy Balayage V Cut Hairstyle

A Blonde Balayage is always a good idea, and one way to add even more style to your hair is to add in our featured haircut style. Here they went the most beautiful colors of brown and blonde and the results are fabulous.

3. V-Cut Hairstyle with Tints

Here she is wearing her new haircut with style and tints added in. In the photo above they added in a beautiful amber color and it looks so good with her naturally dark brown hair.

4. Flicky V Shape Haircut

This is a flicky type of v-cut and we are all for it. Try and curl the ends up in a fun way like they did here to get the most out of this beautiful look.

5. Face Framing V Cut Hairstyle

Another wonderful thing about this type of haircut is that the layers will frame your face perfectly. Here they went with a bunch of different layers and she shouldn’t change a thing.

6. Cool Tone Balayage

Did you know that the silver cool-tone trend is hotter than ever? Take a look at this photo and you will understand why she looks so gorgeous

7. Layer Brunette Hairstyle

Here is a great example if you are looking for a brunette layered v-cut style. Try and finish your look off with these like they did here with the big beautiful beach waves and you are going to love the way you look.

8. Shiny Long Haircut

Wow, this style is so beautiful she must have really healthy hair. This look is called a shiny long v-cut hairstyle.

9. Icy Caramel Ombre

If you want to look like a stunning ice queen, try out this icy caramel ombre style. They kept the top dark and natural and added a beautiful ombre down the bottoms that meet in the perfect V.


This is the perfect example of what a v-shape haircut should look like. She has the most beautiful blonde hair that is cut into layers and meets down at a wonderful point.

11. Copper Layer HAIRSTYLE

This stunning redhead is wearing her hair in a cooper color layered hairstyle. This would be a great look for you if have been growing your hair out and do knot what look to try next.

12. Silky Low HAIR

I bet this is a famous movie star, her hair is so just so perfect. To get this silky low v-haircut all you need to do is as your hairdresser what hair product you should use to get these wonderful results.

13. Burgundy Bouncy Haircut

Burgundy hair color is a great choice for fall, or really any time of the year. To get this bouncy hairstyle out try adding in some long layers and curl them out on the ends, you are going to love the way you look.

14. BLACK ROOTS with Side Bangs

Have you heard of the new style of curtain bang? In the photo above she is wearing side bangs, or curtain bangs with our featured hairstyle and the combo of the two hairstyles is so beautiful.

15. Root Melt Burgundy Haircut

Root melts are such a great way to go if you looking into coloring your hair. In this style, they went with a burgundy color and a haircut that meets in a v and she should not change a thing.

16. Brunette Hair FOR LONG CURLY HAIR

If you need a new style try out this stunning brunette haircut. In the photo above they cut the hair to meet at a point and added in loose beachy curls it is a simple but beautiful style.

17. Shaggy Black Haircut

Shaggy styles are right on trend, and this dark black hair is cut at shoulder length and it is a perfect combo.


Sometimes it is hard to find a good hairstyle for women with thick hair, but look no further this thick v haircut would look great on women of all ages. Ask for many layers that all fall down your back you are going to love your new look.

19. Cool Tone Layered Haircut

Cool tones are such a wonderful look for those long, hot summer months. This style is full of layers and light colors that meet down at a perfect point at the ends.

20. Root Smudge Straight HAIRSTYLE

Sometimes the urge to color your hair just happens, try out a root smudge on your straight hair to get the results that are in the photo above.

21. Bouncy Short HAIR

Short bouncy hair will always be in style. To get this look cut your hair at about shoulder length and add in some loose curls and you will love the way you look.

22. Messy Long Blonde HAIRCUT

Another way to wear your long hair is in this messy style. Ask your hairdresser to give you textured layers like in the photo above, this look would be best for women with naturally wavy hair.

23. Dimensional Layered CUT

One beautiful way to get a v-style haircut is to add dimensional layers through your hair. In the photo above it also looks like they have added some light blonde highlights and the results are perfect.


Beach waves and v-haircuts are a match made in heaven. They kept her hair at about shoulder length here and may have added in an ombre of blonde colors throughout.

25. Slash Hairstyle

Thin hair is not always easy to style. One easy hairstyle to take care of is this slashed layered haircut. It can be worn straight like in the photo above, pulled up in a pony, or curled if that is something you are into.

26. Subtle Balayage

For a more subtle style try out this simple balayage that meets in a very soft v pattern at the bottom. This haircut will still give you some layers but will keep most of the hair at the same length.

27. Simple Curly HAIR

This style is called a simple curly v haircut, but this stunning look is nothing but simple. It looks like they have added curtain bangs with layers throughout that all meet down in a perfect shape.

28. Natural Thick HairSTYLE

All you women out there with naturally thick hair should try out this beautiful haircut. This simple v-cut will even out your thick hair leaving it looking its best.

29. Warm Tone Cut

Warm tones are the most perfect look for any time of year, but especially in the winter months. In the photo above they went with big chunky highlights with warm tones and it looks so perfect.

30. Sleek Straight Haircuts

For a nice sleek straight style try out this next haircut. In the photo above they kept her hair at shoulder length with just a few touches of layers thorough, this would be a great style for women with thin and straight hair.

31. Fly Away Layered Hair

This is such a wonderful fly-away V-layer hairstyle. They have added in some loose long layers that have been curled out into a fly-away fashion.

32. Curve End Haircut

Curve ends are always a good idea to try out with any new haircut, but this style ends at a perfect point and it makes those curved ends look even better.

33. Fine Balayage HAIR

After your next fine balayage color day asks for a v haircut you will not regret it. In the photo above they added in the most beautiful loose curls at the bottom and it is stunning.

34. Straight Black Hairstyle

Straight hair is one of the most popular ways to wear our featured haircut, and this photo is a perfect example of it. To keep your hair shiny as they have it here ask your hairdresser for some hair product to help.

35. Gorgeous Curly HAIR

This hairstyle is called gorgeous curly v-shape hair and it is not lying. It looks like they have added in big loose curls all around to finish this look off and they should not change a thing.

36. Dark Rooted Wavy Balayage

One way of the most popular ways to get a balayage done is to keep your roots dark, this way when your hair grows out you will not need to run back to the hairdresser as fast.

37. Blonde Streaks Hairstyle

Try adding in blonde streaks to your new v haircut. Here they went with a thick streaky highlight style and it looks natural and beautiful.

38. Layered Shaggy Curly Cut

This should be your next style for all the curled hair women out there. In the photo above, they kept the hair loose and added shaggy layers for this magical result.

39. Extra Long Wavy Hairstyle

When you have hair extra-long like they do in the photo above all you ever do is get a trim, why not ask for a v-cut instead of your normal straight across hairstyle?

40. Icy White Wavy HAIR

Icy white hair is a beautiful color that every woman should try out at least once in their life so they figure out if blondes do have more fun. They styled this color with waves and cut it into our featured hairstyle and the results are perfect.


A perfect example of a sharp v-haircut is in the photo above. The layers meet at a perfect point down her back, if you try this lookout you can wear your hair straight or with a little wave like they have here you will love the way you look.

42. Wide Ombre Hair

The ombre style is s one of the most gorgeous ways to add color to your hair. This haircut is a wide-shaped v and it would look great on women of all ages.

43. Styled Long Hairstyle

If you have already grown your hair out long and are trying to find a great hairstyle to match it try out this styled long haircut. They have added many layers and curled the bottoms to perfection.

44. Loose Curly Hair

Loose curls are always a good idea, you can wear them to work or out on the town and you will always look great. To get this look you can use a classic curling iron or try your hand out with a curling wand they are cheap and easy to use.

45. BLONDE with Midshaft Waves

Midshaft waves are a way to style your hair that looks gorgeous and is so easy to pull off. Try pulling your hair up in a loose pony to keep it out of your face when wearing this hairstyle.

46. Feathered HAIRCUT

Another fantastic way to wear your hair is in long feathered layers. This would be a great v cut hairstyles for women that have naturally wavy hair.

47. Soft Babylights Hairstyle

Baby lights are a type of highlight that adds the perfect color to your hair to keep it looking natural. Here they went with a light blonde and added a v cut hairstyles, which is the perfect combination.

48. Fresh Tone Hair

Wow, this hair color is so gorgeous no wonder it is so popular. They added in a fresh blonde tone and styled it with loose waves on top of her haircut and it looks so good.

49. Sleek Layered Hair

Sleek and straight hair will always be in style; try adding in a v cut to enhance your style. Finish your look off with a hair straightener and some hair spray to make sure your hair stays perfect all day long.

50. Curtain Hairstyle

These v cut hairstyles have two of the most popular styles, they are curtain bangs and a v-haircut. It also looks like they have added in some peek-a-boo highlights in the front to add just a little extra texture to the style.


After reviewing these 50 beautiful v-style haircuts, you can see that any lady will be proud to wear a look. Did you see any that you would like to try, or do any of these hairstyles look like your go-to haircut? Let us know down below what you think about our list.

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