50 Best Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair in 2022 (With Pictures)

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

One of the cutest ways to add color to your brown hair is by opting for Peekaboo Highlights. This style can be obtained in many different ways, one of the most popular ways is to add a few highlights through your hair. Another great way is to just add color to the bottom layer of your style, so the color just pops through or looks fantastic when you pull it up into a pony.

Brown hair is one of the best colors to use the peekaboo technique with because it is so versatile you can add any color highlight or low light to it and the results are stunning. The color you add doesn’t have to be a traditional color like ash blonde, caramel or honey try adding fun colors like pink or purple. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair.

1. Choco Brown Peekaboo on Blonde

This first look is blonde hair with a choco brown color underneath. Try this hairstyle out when you go light blonde, but want to keep the bottom layer more natural.

2. Dark Tone Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair

This stable caramel blonde highlight is such a beautiful touch on her dark hair, it is just the pop of color that she needed.

3. Natural Brunette Sandy Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair

For ladies with long wavy hair, this style is for you. Try adding in the most beautiful color of sandy brown like the did in the photo above for a lovely finish.

4. Medium Length Warm Caramel Peekaboo

Here is one of the examples on this list of adding in a fun color, here they went with this beautiful warm caramel pop of color.

5. Ash Blonde Peekaboo Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Ash blonde is one of the most popular hair colors, and you can see why after looking at this hairdo. They kept the top layer a natural dark and added ash blonde to the back and ends for a fabulous finish.

6. Sleek Straight Caramel Peekaboo

Sleek straight hair will always be in style and once you add this gorgeous caramel blonde peekaboo to your brown hair you are going to look so beautiful.

7. Light-up Wavy Short Hair

This light-up style is a fun take on the money piece style that is in style.

8. Sheer Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair with Pink Touche

One way to spice up your brown hair is to add the very girly color of pink. Here they added in at the ends and finished the look off with a curl and it is beautiful.

9. Blonde Touch-up Brown Hair

This blonde money piece is a gorgeous way to change your style. The blonde hair with the natural dark brown hair is a beautiful combo.

10. Cinnamon Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair with Bangs

Cinnamon is a spicy color that would look great in the fall. This wavy hair would look great on women of all ages, and the color is so beautiful.

11. Ash Blonde Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair

Another ash-blonde peekaboo style is shown here in the photo above. They added a few highlights throughout and it looks so great.

12. Brown Tone Peekaboo Highlights

When you keep the highlights to a minimum it makes it look very natural. This brown tone would be beautiful any time of the year.

13. Curtain Platinum Brown hairstyle

Platinum blonde highlights and curtain bangs are such a lovely combo with a layered hairstyle. They kept her hair at length in the photo above and layered it so nicely. Try finishing your look off with a hair straightener you will love it.

14. Peekaboo Cappuccino Medium Length Hair

One beautiful style is this medium-length cappuccino-colored hair. As you can see, there are little pops of lighter color underneath the dark brown hair.

15. Subtle Milk Choco Peekaboo on Straights

Subtle milk choco hair color is a wonderful color for the summertime. It is bright and sunny but still has a brown tone throughout.

16. Weave Caramel hair

Another way to add a bit of color to your hair is to add a different weave of a light tone. Here they went with a caramel highlight that blends in perfectly with her natural brown hair.

17. Clear-cut Light Blonde hairstyle

This light blonde peekaboo style is a clear-cut two-tone look. They added a light color to the back of the hair and left the rest dark and beautiful. Add short curtain bangs to the front of your look for a gorgeous finish.

18. Stunning Peekaboo on Straight Hair Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are so gorgeous on women of all ages but are very popular with the younger crowd. For a fun finish, add a lighter blonde look throughout the back.

19. Highlighted Matte Brown Peekaboo

Matte brown with highlights is what’s next on our list. This hair color for women is a beautiful brown tone with a hint of caramel and looks gorgeous.

20. Vivid Brown Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Bob Cuts

After your next bob haircut, try this vivid brown style. They added a different shade of blonde to her hair and it is a lovely style.

21. Shag Dark Brown Highlighted Peekaboo

This is a shaggy blonde style with dark brown highlights. Try finishing your style off with beach curls like they did in the photo above and it looks so good.

22. Medium Golden Blonde hair

For women with medium-length hair, this hairstyle would be perfect for you. It looks like they went with an amber hue and added the perfect amount of blonde highlights throughout.

23. Bouncy Light-tone Balayage Peekaboo

Balayage is always a good idea, no matter what the season. The bouncy light tones that they have added to her hair are so gorgeous that she is ready for anything from work to a date night out.

24. Gorgeous Layered Sandy hair

This gorgeous layered haircut for women is a great look for women of all ages. They parted her hair in the center and let the layers hang along with the perfect color added in.

25. Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Shaggy Mullet Styles

Shaggy mullets aren’t just for men anymore, this beautiful style is right on trend. Add a few strands of light blonde on the sides to achieve this look.

26. Feathered Orange Brown Peekaboo

A feathered haircut with vibrant colors of orange and brown hair would be great for your next hairstyle. They kept the hair shoulder length and cut it in beautiful curtain bangs, and it looks perfect.

27. Twisted Cool-tone Shag Peekaboo

Once you get your beautiful style done to your hair try this twisted hairstyle to show it off. This hairstyle would also look so beautiful in a braid.

28. Dimensional Balayage hair

Here is a beautiful balayage hairstyle for women. Try out this dimensional peekaboo style with brown and blonde mixed throughout.

29. Two-Tone Direct Cut Bob

After a beautiful bob haircut, you should try out this two-toned hairstyle. The dark brown and light blonde hair colors are a great combo; try wearing it straight, like in the photo above.

30. Swedish Blonde Peekaboo Deep Waves

One way to wear your hair is in this Swedish blonde color. In the photo above they added rich waves throughout and a light money piece in the front.

31. Sophisticated Skunk Hair

One popular hairstyle that is coming back into style is the skunk haircut. Straight across bangs and layers throughout are a few characteristics of this beautiful look.

32. Modern Chunky hair

Look how happy her new hair made her in the photo above, you would be smiling after you got this gorgeous style done too. Here they have added chunky highlights to a few strands of her hair and kept the rest dark and natural, she looks so beautiful.

33. Warm Amber Skunk Hairstyle

Amber is a beautiful hair color choice for women. In the photo above, they went with a warm amber hue about halfway down and left the top her natural color.

34. Skunk Stripe Hair with Side Bangs

Another way to add a pop of color to your style is this skunk stripe hair. They kept her hair straight and added in side bangs to the perfect hairstyle.

35. Two-Hued Curly Bob with Bangs

If you have naturally curly hair, you are already so blessed, step your style up a little more and add in this two-hued hair color. They added bangs in the front and finished the look off with curls.

36. Skunk Short Mullet

Mullets are a beautiful way to wear your hair, this look is no different. She is wearing a short skunk look with just a few pops of blonde color in front.

37. Fancy Skunk hairstyle

This style is fit for a queen. If you are searching for a fancy style look no further, you should try this look out now.

38. Dutch Braids Peekaboo

Dutch braids are a perfect way to show off your new hair color. Here they have added in different shades of blonde and brown for such a fun look.

39. Zigzag Curled Long Peekaboo

If you have long curly zigzag hair, as she does in the photo above, one of the best ways to add texture to your style is to add light blonde colors throughout with a fancy blonde money piece in the front.

40. Dark Caramel Two-hued Straight Hair

Here we have a combination of dark caramel and light blonde in a two-toned straight hairstyle. They used chunky highlights throughout and the perfect curtain bangs to top it all off.

41. Voluminous Dichromatic Hairstyle

This voluminous dichromatic hairstyle gives off serious bombshell vibes. It looks like they added in lighter colors to the front and kept the back a natural hue.

42. Well-Blended Weave hair

For a beautiful well-blended look try getting yourself a new weave, this one is long down her back with beautiful big curls.

43. Peekaboo in Full Shaggy Bun

Messy styles are on trend, and this shag messy bun is the perfect way to show off your new peekaboo colors.

44. Peekaboo Butterfly Locs

Buffer fly locs are a popular choice for younger girls. In the photo above, she went with light blonde and medium brown hair. You could wear this hairstyle down or pull them up in a long ponytail.

45. Peekaboo Lace Closure Wig Style

A lace closure wig style is one of the most popular styles for women to wear, it is a refined, natural-looking weave. Here they have a light blonde peekaboo money piece upfront.

46. Dark Tone Skunk Straight Hairstyle

Try out this skunk hairstyle for your next look. They finished this look by straightening the hair, so the lighter color pops out.

47. Feathered Mullet Ash Brown Peekaboo

This beautiful style is a feathered mullet ash brown hairstyle. They added blonde highlights on just one layer of the hair, and it looks so beautiful.

48. Cool Tone Two-hued Peekaboo

This stunning style is a two-hued cool hairstyle. They finished it off with the most beautiful beach curls to let the new color pop out.

49. Pop of Warm Light on Wavy Hair

Try out a pop of warm light for your next peekaboo hairstyle. This would look even more beautiful on wavy hair.

50. Muted Layered Bob Peekaboo

Wow, this layered bob haircut is beautiful with its muted layers and highlights. Try finishing your look off with curled ends to enhance your style.


As you can see, there are so many different ways to wear your Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair. You can add in light colors, brighter colors, shades of brown, and darker hues, or even try your hand with a two-hued look. No matter what you decide when you try out a brown peekaboo hairstyle, you will love how you look. Let us know down below which one you will get done.

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