50 Beautiful Pastel Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Women in 2023

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In today’s article, we will inform you about short hair styles and how to achieve wonderful tones.

Pastel pink hair isn’t only your love; it is trending worldwide. For a dramatic to aesthetic look, it offers all. Women are posting pastel pink when using different techniques like ombre, balayage, highlights, low lights, etc. Each one is highly appreciated. 

Even renowned celebs like Megan Fox, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, and Kim Kardashian have tried pastel pink hair. 

With the increasing demand, we brought hand-picked pastel pink hairstyles with our experts. So, why wait? Here are our 50 Beautiful Pastel Pink Hairstyle Ideas for Women in 2023. Let’s start!

1. Beach Waves Pastel Pink with Bangs

Beach wavy hair with straight roots is a gorgeous hairstyle. The flip-over strands at the crown with the straight bangs add oomph to any woman’s personality. 

2. Dark Rooted Pastel Pink Hair Bob

Dark-rooted hair with pink hair is glamorous. It is versatile enough to suit almost all skin tones.

3. Pastel Pink Money Piece Hair

Pastel pink hair with purple hint hair as a money piece with dark hair is spectacular. The curtain bangs are best to slim up your face shape.

4. Pastel Pink Loose Wave Hair

The hair transitioned from light pink to an orangy-pink money piece is splendid. The loose soft waves make hair a slaying element of your style. 

5. Shag Face Frame Pink Hairstyle

Framing curtain bangs with the shaggy wavy hair look sassy. This hair paired best with matching lipstick and a dark outfit. 

6. Curly Dyed Hairstyle

The dark and light pink tones are so catchy together. The light wavy curly thick hair makes any dressing style suitable for you.

7. Shadow Root Shaggy Lob

Shadow roots with dimensional highlights that transition from pink to pinkish blonde are so cute. 

8. Glossy Tight Wavy Hairstyle

Glossy blonde hair with a pinkish tone is highly classy. The bouncy curly hair goes A1 with any casual and formal look. 

9. Light-toned Short Hair

Want to achieve a clean girl look? Look no further than this light-toned short hair. Straight hair serves the purpose best. 

10. Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Pink ombre hair with lighter ends helps a woman achieve a sophisticated look. The volume wavy hair with the side swept style looks impressive. 

11. Clip Low Angled Short Hair

You are never old enough to stop trying hairpins. Here is the classical way to do it. Leave some face-framing hair of your soft pink hair and pin some hair directing backward. 

12. Choppy Mid Parted Balayage

Pinkish brown hair with matte pink streaks is so superb to try out. The chopped ends and balayage hair with big waves are so high fashion.

13. Light Colored Wavy Highlights

Light brown hair with light pink chunky highlights is such an incredible contrast. The messy wavy look makes this hair more attractive. 

14. Bubble Gum Pop Balayage on Brown Hair

Here is another light brown hair idea paired with pink hair. Try bubble gum pink streaks. The long layered hair with face-framing strands is stunning.  

15. Choppy Thick Short Hairstyle

Vibrant pink hair is astonishing for high-end parties. The loose curly hair with a chopped cut is astonishing. 

16. Thick Black Hair with a Money Piece

If you want to achieve a bolder look in a classy style, then this thick money piece is best for you. The dark hair with a wavy pattern paired best with this money piece. 

17. Parted Bangs Muted Balayage

Baby pink hair combined with rose gold hair is breathtaking. The wavy hair look with the short curtain bangs makes it more appealing. 

18. Pretty Light Long Hairstyle

The pink ombre hair with dark root hair and wavy texture is sensational. The decent thickness of the money piece makes it elegant. 

19. Wispy Face Frame Short Haircut

Short bangs with the haircut framing the face are fabulous. The pink ends make it more eye-catching. 

20. Soft-hued Styled Ombre Hair

Brown ombre with light pink hair is a unique but splendid style. The big waves in hair with the blunt ends make it classy for every woman. 

21. Textured Delicate Short Pixie

Pink hair makes a statement in short hair. Try this short textured look for thin hair. It suits every dressing style.

22. Muted Hair Color Blunt Cut

Muted pinkish-purple hair offers a luxurious vibe. The glossy look and the wavy texture make it more eye-catching. 

23. Blushed Wavy Layered Hair

The light blush pink hair looks elegant. The chopped wavy texture with the wispy look is dazzling. 

24. Flowy Toned-down Straight Hairstyle

Want to create a dazzling impression? The floral pink hair is an impressive choice. The silky smooth hair always keeps you elevated.

25. Strawberry Highlighted Hair

If someone is into a more dramatic look of pink hair, they should try this—the under half hair with the dark pink looks sassy with the strawberry color money piece. 

26. Chic Hazy with Layers Hairstyle

Hazy pink hair is the best thing to emit positive vibes. Middle parting, body wave movement, and curtain bangs are best to warm up the look. 

27. Peaches and Cream Dreamy Hairstyle

Purple-toned pink hair with lighter blonde color ends gives an amazing ombre effect. A voluminous hair top with wavy hair is a great pairing. 

28. Straightened Soft Hair

Matte pastel pink hair with a gray touch is the best option for older women. Straight hair compliments the look best. 

29. Blunt Bob in Dusty Colored Hair

Dusty pink hair with the root melt is catchy. Bob cut with the blunt ends makes the thick hair healthier. 

30. Messy Swept Money Piece

Want to jazz up the short hair look? Add a pink money piece. Style it in a messy look, and side pomp swept the money piece. 

31. Half Up Half Down Barbie Hairdo

American African women can totally rock the pink hair look. Half-up half-down hairstyle with weaves and bundles gives you an enchanting look. 

32. Shaggy Cool Short Haircut

Pastel pink hair with a muted and black color at the roots is best. The layer cut and wavy style give it a trendy look. 

33. Shadow Root Balayage

The shadow root balayage with the pastel pink hair is so cool to try out. The curly hair look makes it suitable for women with different personalities. 

34. Low Lights Stacked Curly Lob

Light pastel pink with blonde hair presence in hair is excellent. The wavier hair ends with the graduated hair at the head back, making it modern. 

35. Styled Nape Semi Bald Hair

Animal lover and want to show your love? Pixie-cut hair with the tapered nape and the paw painted on it is best.

36. Bouncy Knotted Half Up

This half-up half-down is the coolest hairstyle. Lightly knot the half-up hair. The beveled pastel pink ends on brown hair are pretty. 

37. Light Bleached Thick Wavy Hairstyle

Bleach hair looks cool. But want to add vibrance and a healthy hair look? Then trying this light-bleached look with the pastel pink touch is the best bet. 

38. Frizzy Straight Colored Hair

Dark pink roots and vibrant ends with the light ends is the awesome transition. You can rock it with an open-hair look. 

39. Cute Colored Hair with Orange Tints

Dark roots hair that transitions to full pastel pink hair is like a fashion statement. Pink streaks on top with the orange money piece are the best addition to the hairstyle. 

40. Long Textured Stylish Hairstyle

Pastel pink hair color with the ombre is the best of all. The textured glossy look and curtain bangs are so cute. 

41. Unicorn Muted Hair color

Pastel pink ombre with pastel blue hair is first-rate. The blunt ends and voluminous waves are so classy. 

42. Little Bob Dyed Hairstyle

Bob cut with the dominant base color is the best hairstyle for any event or occasion. The pink ends make it more gorgeous. 

43. Kinky Layered Hair with Fringe

For kinky hair, pastel pink hair is a big yes. The voluminous kinks and bangs make a woman’s personality more exciting. 

44. Modern Colored Hair with Lace Head Band

 Retro bangs are still loved. Want to create a dramatic look with it? This pastel pink hair with the baby pink butterfly headband is best. The red lipstick and wavy texture pair best together. 

45. Pale Dyed with a Neat Haircut

Pale pink hair with a glossy look is classy to rock. The sleek straight look with the layered beveled ends makes it irresistible. 

46. Pink To Purple Dip Bob with Bangs

Dip bob is a catchy trend to try. The pink-to-purple color transition with fuller bangs is a super easy way to make you look years younger. 

47. Messy Trendy Short Hair

Sleek at the top and messier at the ends, this short pink hair looks good for every girl. The wispy graduated volume in the haircut makes it fleek. 

48. Wavy Short Direct Cut Hairstyle

Pink hair with a brown base color is gorgeous to achieve. The light wavy hair with the blunt ends is modish of every woman.

49. Intricate Braided Hairstyles

Pastel pink hair with dark roots is amazing itself, but with the Pinterest-worthy hairstyle, it is so chic. Taking help from a trusted one would be great in making intricate braids. 

50. Natural Gray Hair with Highlights

It’s time to rock natural gray hair! The pastel pink highlights give you a refined and sophisticated look. 


Now, you have seen the 50 beautiful pastel pink hairstyle ideas for women in 2023. When getting a pink hairstyle done, intensify or make its color bright based on your style and preference. Also, for styling and washing hair, don’t use off-the-shelf products. Ask your stylist about when your hair should be touched up and for product recommendations on your specific concern too. That’s it! Let us know which one is your favorite.

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